How To Add Covid Vaccine To Apple Health App [2023]?

How To Add Covid Vaccine To Apple Health App?

You must be knowing about the release of the latest version of iOS 15.1? Add your card, to the Apple Wallet. That seems to be great news today. The iOS 15.1 was launched last month with aplomb. 

Several health apps were added there. You can know your current vaccination status and Covid-19 test results on a Health App now. 

Apple is using SMART Health Cards specifications to attain this feature. If your healthcare service provider is using the SMART Health Cards platform, you will get an advantage. 

Now, sharing your vaccination and health status information with anyone is easy. Many third parties are requesting this information today. Your airline, hotel, or just about any external vendor may ask you for it. Now, you can generate it in a few steps. Read about it here. 

Add Covid Vaccine To Apple Health App

The Process Decoded 

You can now upload your vaccination status to the Apple Wallet in no time. It is present at several business and conference venues today. 

Companies that are using the SMART Health Cards, use a new clickable button to let people know about it. Generating, adding, and transferring the data is a breeze today. 

So, the query that is omnipresent is ‘How Do I Add My Covid Vaccine To Apple Health App?’ Well, the process is extremely easy. 

  • In some states, people receive the QR codes on their smartphones, after vaccination.
  • You can scan the records easily. You just need a camera app, for that. A rear camera is required for it.
  • The code should have appeared on the screen after scanning. There will be a Health app notification. Tap notification on your screen. 
  • After you are done with it, you can tap on ‘add to wallet’. This is the method you can use to upload the medical records of your vaccination to the apps. 

It has been seen that some vaccinated individuals receive links. You can do it simply, with this method. 

  • Just open the link on your iPhone. 
  • Add it to the ‘Wallet and Health’. 

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After You Transfer the Vaccine Card into Your Wallet?

Apple users automatically get the leeway to add the records to their Health app. 

  • If you open the Health App, and tap on the ‘Summary’, under ‘Vaccination records’, you will get the option, 
  • Choose ‘Add to wallet’. The transfer is successful. 

Now, many restaurants also look for these cards. Use them at will for such local sojourns as well. Now you got the answer to ‘How Do I Add My Covid Vaccine to Apple Health App?’

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