How to add payment method on Adidas Confirmed App [2023]?

How to use Adidas confirmed app?

To use the Adidas confirmed app first thing that one should do is download the app. The app is found on all platforms be it Google, Android, iOS, or anything else. This app is present pretty much everywhere and can be used pretty easily. So after downloading you have to set the app with your name and other details.

You can create an account with your mail or with your Facebook as well as you wish. Lastly do not forget to add payment on Adidas confirmed app to get items fast.

How to add a payment method on Adidas confirmed app?

payment method on Adidas Confirmed App

This should be done at the time of setting the app itself. But if you want to do it later or change something then simply visit the account option then from there go to the navigation bar and then add your details or payment method. Anything you want to do to your payment method can be done from this option very easily. Adding up cards or other methods of payment is also entertained here in the account section only.

Adidas confirmed app return policy?

If someone is not satisfied with their purchase from Adidas, the company entertains a refund policy within 30 days. But there are certain protocols or rather restrictions on this process. You can also visit the Yeezy confirmed app which again has all the details listed.

  • Seasonal charges will be included in the order return process and are not returnable or cannot be refunded.
  • For holidays or any unforeseen event, the period of 30 days can be hiked up to 90 days.
  • Customized products cannot be returned because they are just made for you as per instruction. So when you are opting for this option keep in mind that they are non-returnable.
  • No return or exchange for face covers because of safety issue.
  • Products like the Yeezy should only be returned within 7 days of delivery via online mode. These are hyped products thus a special return policy goes on them.

Adidas confirmed app payment not working Solution?

Check all the details that you have entered there like billing address, card number, orders, etc. Also, your bank must have enough money for more details you can also visit Adidas Yeezy Confirmed App.

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