How to Use Altstore App & Altserver?

The range of applications being so confined and the strict regulations imposed on the apps allowed in its App Store. The dissatisfaction among users has intrigued the famous app developer Riley Testut to create an alternative for Apple store- the Altstore. Altstore is not just a piece of amazing news but a breakthrough in the world of iPhone users. Know more to know why.

What is Altstore?

Altstore app download in iOS

The Altstore is the third-party application installer and a home for plethora of applications that push beyond the boundaries of Apple’s App Store. It works great with non-jailbroken devices. 

But, how does Apple allow users to install applications through this store?

The mastermind, Mr. Riley Testut, designed the Altstore in a way that allows the user to download applications through their Apple ID and install them through the Xcode (the developing toolkit for Apple). This tricks Apple into making it believe that users are installing apps through its own App Store. 

How to Altstore app download in iOS?

A general guide for downloading altstore apk from altstore server for altstore iOS:

  • You need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection to install the Altstore
  • Open any browser on your PC and search for the Altstore link for iOS
  • Click on ‘Download Altserver’ from the download page
  • Use a data cable to connect PC and iOS device
  • Select the device connected to your PC and then click on ‘Install Altstore’
  • Give your Apple ID and password to initiate the installation process (This will create the free certificate for Apple Developer to trick App Store with Altstore)
  • After the Altstore is installed in the iOS device, navigate to the Settings
  • Here you need to enable trust for the Altstore- Settings> General settings> Profile selection> trust
  • This will download the Altstore to your device.

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How to use Altstore App?

Altstore could not find provisioning profile

After you have downloaded the Atstore on your iOS device and installed it. The next step is How to do altstore setup. For that, follow the steps given below to use the Altstore on your device.

  • Open the Altstore on your iOS device
  • Altstore will display the wide range of applications you will be permitted to download
  • To enable downloading, go to Settings of your device and provide the Apple Id and password.
  • With everything done, just select the app from the list in Altstore and click to install
  • In this way, you can have as many applications you want to have on your iOS device

Is Altstore safe or legit?

Yes, Altstore is complete safe and secured to use. Also, it has good user reviews.

Free apps and altstore games download

Ads free Youtube app, Altstore emulator, Spotify, pokemon go, patcher, youtube, Chromebook extension, Minecraft, gamecuba, GTA san Andreas Fortnite, and many more. 

Altstore error

Altstore could not find provisioning profile

Users who use the windows 7 version generally and specifically face issues with provisioning their profile. To combat the issue, users should upgrade their system to Windows 10 version and then continue using Altstore.

Altstore could not find Altserver

Make sure both PC and iOS device is connected over the same Wi-Fi network. Doing so will help Altstore find the Altserver.

Altstore could not connect to mail plugin

The Altstore will have issues with connecting to the mail plug-in if the Altplugin. mail bundle is not enabled. Trying to enable it and restart the mail to finish it.

Altstore entry point not found

To combat this issue, make sure no firewall is blocking the Internet connection while the Altstore is installed on your device. Moreover, any connectivity issue can be solved by plugging the PC with your iOS device directly.

Altstore failed to verify code signature

This mainly occurs if your device is jailbroken. Try downloading the appsync from Cydia and this will fix your code verification issue. 

How to solve altstore crashing problem?

Many users also want a solution for altstore keeps crashing on iPhone. If you are also facing altstore crashing iPhone problem then you should follow the below steps.

  • Try to reinstall your altstore app
  • Update app to the latest version

If the above steps would not solve your problem then you should connect with customer support.

Best altstore alternative apps?

  • Panda Helper
  • Tutu App
  • Tweakdoor app
  • Ignition App


Altstore how to sideload apps

If you looking for sideloading apps, you can easily install sideload from Altstore.

How to install ipa from Altstore?

ipa is also available on Altstore. To install, ipa you need to follow the same process, you do to install other applications.

Altstore already installed on another device "Solution"

If you see this notification while installing altstore, you don’t need to worry. Just click on continue to install again. App will be installed on your iOS device.

Altstore an unknown error occurred

Make sure your alt server is running and connected to the same wifi network.


If you install Altstore using an Apple ID that is tied to a developer account other than $99/year, the Altstore expires in 7 days. Besides, you need to connect your PC with the iOS device because an Altstore with no PC can lead to installation issues. Apart from that, the is an incredible and handy store providing a library of applications that are just a tap away. 

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