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App Cloner Premium is one of the most useful apps. If you want this app and want to know complete details about this apk then you are on the right track because in this article I am going to cover all the little and big details about it.

You will also be able to download the app here. I have shared the download link below. You will get the installation guide and how to use this app step by step guide with the video tutorial. So stay connected with this article named “App Cloner Premium app download”.

So, first of all, I will tell you about App Cloner.

App cloner premium app download

App Cloner is an app that creates a duplicate of your existing apps on android devices. By using this cloner you can use the duplicates of your application on the same smartphones. You can make copies of your applications and use them at the same time.

Not Clear?

Let me explain with an example.

Suppose you are using WhatsApp on your android phone with a particular mobile number and you want to use WhatsApp with another number on the same device. But for this you need to delete the previous WhatsApp account number then you could able to run another number in that WhatsApp.

But what if you will be able to use 2 WhatsApp on the same phone. Then you can run both the WhatsApp account with different numbers without deleting the previous one.

App cloner helps in that you can make clones of your app. Not only WhatsApp you can make replicas of many apps according to your need except a few ones. I will tell you about those apps at the end of this article.

App Cloner Premium Apk

App Cloner Premium apk download

As we all know that most of the apps have a free and premium version. In the free version, you get fewer features, on the other hand, In the premium version, you get advanced features. Same in the case of the clone app. Its Premium version has some advanced and very useful features.

Don’t worry, you can directly download the premium version of this app with all advanced features.

Premium Features

  1. By using app cloner premium, you can create the multiple copies of your existing apps
  2. You will able to use the original app and the cloned app at the same time without any issue
  3. In case you want to use the same version of any app. You can also use the same version of the cloned app without updating it.
  4. It also provides you features to protect the cloned apps with password
  5. You can switch off the auto start of the app to save data.
  6. Turn off auto backups and updates

Benefits of Premium Version

App cloner premium app download

The main benefit of premium App Clone is that it supports 20 cloned apps. Yes, you can clone the upto 20 android application. If you want to increase it then you can talk to support and donate them and then you can be able to clone up to 1000 apps.

In the free version, you can’t change the icon and name of the app but in the premium clone app, you can change the app name and its icon to protect it from others to open it.

Extra Cloner Benefits

  • You can share cloned apps
  • Clone facebook messenger
  • Clone google maps
  • WhatsApp cloning

How to install App Cloner

Click on the download button and after download, you need to click on the download file and then click the install button. You will be asked for permission to download from external sources then enable or check the box and allow it and then the app will install on your device. You can also enable it by going to setting>Security>Unknown sources then enable it. It is most important to enable it otherwise you will not be able to use this app.

Note: This app is totally safe and secure so you don’t need to care about security.

Download App Cloner Premium

app clone apk

How to use step by step Guide

  • Using this app is very easy and the interface is also very user-friendly.
  • After installing open the app cloner
  • Click on the app you want to clone/copy
  • Now, you need to give the clone number and name
  • For number start with 1, 2, 3
  • For name, you can use any name for the app.
  • Now click for start cloning
  • In a few seconds, the cloning of the app will be done.

Now you are ready to go, install the app and enjoy.

You can clone the apps like

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Maps
  • Affiliate apps
  • and many more…….

Restricted Apps

You can clone almost every app excepting few google apps like

  • Youtube
  • Crome
  • Playstore
  • Gmail and many more…

Direct Download Link

Download from Playstore


This is all you read about App Cloner Premium apk & its features. If you want to ask anything about this app comment below and share this article if you loved it.

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