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App Usage Analysis Tracker for WhatsApp Hunbrain App

Today numerous Android and PC applications are developing and launching every day, users have become addicted to them. People are using various such apps without noticing how many hours they have wasted on them.

However, there are such applications available as well, which help the users in monitoring the time they have been spending with the apps on their mobile phones. One such we are going to discuss today in this article is the “App Usage Analysis: Tracker for WhatsApp”. app

The App Usage Analysis is well explained by app or website and after that, it is gone viral. Some people are also pronouncing it as hunbrain app. It is like an online application Whatsapp tracking tool.

With the help of this app, one can track WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, and various similar applications. One can view all the installed application usage details, monitor them, and keep track of them as well.

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By downloading “ Tracker for WhatsApp or App Usage Analysis” into your device users can keep track of their daily WhatsApp usage, last active time details, and exact daily hours/ minutes they spend on the app.

It also maintains and displays past days usage records and provides statistical data for the same. Moreover, it notifies the users for excessive and long-time usage though one has to pre-set a timer for that. app reviews

App size2.0 MB
App version1.2
Last updated29 January 2020
Android requirement4.4 and above
Content ratingEveryone
In-app PurchaseAvailable
In-app Products$3.49 to $24.99 depending upon the plan
Apk file size1.2
Publishing date18 November 2019
CategoryFree tools app
Star Rating4.5*
Device requirementAndroid only

“hunbrain Tracker for WhatsApp” can monitor and track up to three WhatsApp at one time. The tracking process goes all through the day with 24/7 non-stop monitoring.

While downloading the application, it offers a 24 hours free trial to the users. However, after that, users have to buy individual packages in order to keep the tracking process active. After purchasing/ subscribing for a particular package, one can add other numbers to the tracking application and keep track of the WhatsApp and other applications usage of their close ones and loved ones.

Hunbrain App Usage Analysis or WhatsApp tracker application also helps the users to connect with the support team from within the app itself. Through easy navigation and explicit instruction, one can report any issue to the support team. Also, the payment within the in-app purchases is entirely safe and secure.

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