How to Apply for Application?

In today’s world, all of us need a phone to survive and if we can’t have a phone, we won’t reach many interests of ours. Assurance Wireless is a government phone provider that brings phones to you at no cost. However, to get phones from them, you need to fulfill their eligibility requirements.

As far as income level is concerned, only the low-income groups are eligible for a free touchscreen or smartphones. The phone not only keeps people connected but also helps them in emergencies.

If you want one of these phones, you need to send an assurance wireless application by following the information provided in this segment. The program is designed under the Federal lifeline services.

How to apply for application? Application

To apply, first move to their site as in the link and then apply for the application by adding;

  1. Personal details like name, SSN, home phone number, and email along with the complete physical address.
  2. To support your program-based eligibility segment, you must inform them about the programs you are enrolled in for your living.
  3. Fill in your monthly income details in the space provided.
  4. After filling up the form, attach the documents you are asked for, and then submit the application form.

What are the application requirements?

You must fulfill the below requirements.

  1. SSN
  2. Benefit ID card copy
  3. Qualifying agency letter for the phone
  4. Benefit statements for the current or the previous years.
  5. Pay stubs and SS benefits
  6. Veteran, retirement, and pension benefits alongside unemployment benefits
  7. State or Federal Income Returns
  8. Job income statements
  9. General Assistance letter from the Feds
  10. Child support or divorce papers

How to check Assurance Wireless application status?

It’s very easy to check your Assurance Wireless application status if you know your 6–10-digit account application identification number.

  • Click here to go to the site and wait till it opens up.
  • Fill in your account application identification number and your ZIP code.
  • Here you can see the date you submitted your application, the approval status, and also your phone shipment status.

How to get Assurance Wireless application form online?

You can use this link for the online application if you want to fill it out online. Additionally, you can also download Assurance Wireless application from their site.

Customer Service Number

Through this number, 1-888-898-4888, reach a person in your neighborhood for your Assurance Wireless application.


Since it is a direct aid from the Federal government, your documents will undergo thorough scrutiny. Complete your application and send in the right details to them. Post scrutiny, you will be get a cell phone number and you will get your mobile in mail. You can use this mobile by adding sufficient data to it and making your calls everywhere you want to. Do not miss reading this article before moving further with the process.

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