How can i spy on cell phone without installing software on phone

It can be your partner or anyone on who you want to keep an eye. There are hundreds of options by which you can do but most of them ask for ‘installing software.

They let you spy on any cell phone whether it is Android or an IOS device, and let you read text messages, view call logs, and give access to other sensitive data. 

This can be useful but it is really unethical if you do it for formal purposes!

We don’t aim to motivate anyone to spy. This is a completely educational platform that focuses on giving correct information.

Enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone

We won’t ask for a reason you have come here because there could be a set of reasons. Let’s say you are a parent and you want to spy on your children to keep them safe from online threats. Which is completely okay!

As an employer, you have the complete right to keep tabs on your employees’ phones to ensure they do not leak out any confidential information.

It’s not the first time you have come across a question like ‘how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone, ‘how to track a cell phone location without installing software on the target phone, and more. These are trending! 

Installing software is possible when the targeted purse hands over his or her mobile phone to you. This is not so easy. 

The good thing is now you can spy without his or her knowledge!

This process might feel complicated for many of you but today is your lucky day that we have simplified this complicated term. 

By now you must have got the answer which is YES!! 

How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

Here are a few ways that let you monitor cell phones without installing software.

Before giving this a start you should know about your targeted mobile phone. The process differs slightly depending on if it is an Android or iPhone.

Some of them are specifically for Android and iPhones while others work better on both. So don’t miss ANYTHING!

Best spy app for android without access to target phone


It is not a free service but the prices are so low that it pushes it close to ‘free’.

It works well both on IOS and Android. 

Trust me it is like a hidden Ninja that brings you all data you need from a targeted phone. 

It Does not ask you to be a very experienced technical person. Setting up this is easy. It is designed to keep user convenience in mind.

The best thing is it does not make rooting or jailbreaking mandatory. Also, you can access all of its features through the dashboard. No requirement for any software.

There are 35 features to explore and none of them is unimaginable. 

You can listen to the call recordings of targeted phones, check text messages, see what is typed on the keyboard, check out their live location, and so on!

As it has a completely web-based interface, this makes the whole process easier and away from malware risk.

If you trust our website, you can trust this suggestion too. If not, why mind checking the website on your own? 


ClickFree is the best spy app for android without access to the target phone, not even once!

This is another phone spying app that is loved by millions of users. The Times and Forbes have reviewed it too. 

Can you guess why it is so popular? Because it can do almost everything from reading real-time text messages to tracking live location anytime you want. 

It does not demand jailbreaking or rooting any device to achieve accessibility. This makes it stand out of the crowd boldly. 

Click free works in steels mode and it remains hidden from the spy victim. That means no one can catch you spying!

What else does one want?

How to install spy software on a cell phone remotely?

There is no way to install any spying software on a cell phone remotely. At least once you have to take the target phone in your hand and install it. 

Then you can easily monitor them without being noticed. 

These apps or software hardly take a minute to get installed. You can expect it to be a really quick process. 

You can hide the app icon if you want. 

If any website or source claims to install spy software without any physical access to the target phone, trust me it is no less than a scam! 

How to track a cell phone location without installing software on target phone

We are taking mSpy website for reference. You can follow this for other apps too.

You can. Follow these steps carefully.

  • Create an account

Visit the official website of mSpy and open your account giving some details like email.

  • Pay for a plan

You can choose basic, premium, or whatever is available there.

After you successfully completed the payment they give you some guidelines. And you also get control panel sign-in details via email.

  • Activate backup of iCloud

The next step is activating backup for iCloud. It should be on the device you want to spy on. This is the only way to access and spy on the victim’s phone. 

You have to enter the correct iCloud login details that are given to you.

  • Start spying mission

You almost completed all the steps. Now just open and view the dashboard, enter the iCloud ID and password of the target phone.

VOILA! Your spying journey starts here!

Now, you can track a cell phone’s current location.

Sms spy without access to target phone free trial

SMS spy allows you to read anyone’s text messages without jailbreaking and rooting the device. But as mentioned earlier we will have to accept their phone for once to install the app.

Here are a few…

  • Spyic
  • Cocospy
  • Spybubble
  • Appmia
  • Copy9

We recommend the top two ones at most because you will get discrete features at a relatively low price. 

To add up

Before starting spying on anyone, make sure you have read the terms and conditions. Spying is illegal in some countries.

Your aim to monitor someone can be ethical but still, make yourself aware of it so you don’t fall into trouble!


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