Every thing you need to know about Bitcoin On Cash App?

What Is Bitcoin On Cash App?

Everybody is going mad about the cryptocurrency, which is called Bitcoin. The system of cryptocurrency exchange helps in the utilization of cryptographic equations to hold the money and transfer it as well. You will come across codes that can be utilized for their transaction. 

But what is Cash App? It is one of the easiest financial platforms that you can use. Users get to send money, spend money, receive money. And invest as well. You need to integrate it with a bank account. And use your smartphone for all of these, and more. 

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Bitcoin And Cash App – Accepting And Enabling The Currency

Bitcoin On Cash App

You can go a step forward with technology. Add Bitcoins effortlessly to the app for transactions. 

  • Your Cash App Home Screen will have a Bitcoin tab. 
  • You have to press deposit. 
  • Share, copy, or scan your Bitcoin address by scanning it, and share with the wallet. 
  • You will get a prompt to confirm your Pin or Touch ID. 
  • Now, you are ready to transact. 
  • You have to activate the withdrawal and deposit function, to get started. 
  • You can transfer up to an amount of $10,000 within a week. 
  • Cash App only supports Bitcoin. That makes deposits easy. 

You can also facilitate the transfer of Bitcoin from another person to your unique wallet ID. The wallet address changes each time you transact. So, before you initiate any transfer do check the address once. 

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Bitcoin Verification On Cash App

  • It takes at least 48 hours to verify Bitcoin. 
  • Until, the system completes this, you will see a message that reads ‘verification in progress’. 
  • After it finishes, you need to go to ‘Investing’ segment. You can choose the stocks for your Bitcoin transactions from thereon. 
  • You get a price chart for the same, then and there. 
  • After, you choose one, the ‘Buy’ button pops up. You can buy the Bitcoins from there.
  • You can also set automated purchases from time to time. 
  • After you complete the transaction, you can Review it as well. 
  • Look over it and ‘confirm’. 
  • Select ‘Done’ after that. 
  • After you visit the ‘Home’ tab screen on Cash App, and see the Bitcoin amount. 

Now, you are in control of your Bitcoin wallet. 

Bitcoin Withdrawals Process 

You can also withdraw Bitcoins from Cash App. 

  • Normally you will see ‘USD’ on the Home Screen. 
  • Change it to BTC. 
  • Enter the amount, and access the QR Code. 
  • Scan or tap send, to get the wallet address. 
  • Tap wallet address to confirm. You can choose the speed as well. 
  • Confirm and send to complete the process. 
  • You need to withdraw at least 0.001 BTC through the standard process. 
  • For Rush and Priority, there is no minimum amount. 

The entire process of accepting, enabling, verifying, and withdrawing BTC is easy.

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