Bsafe Kerala Police App Registration | Kerala e pass Application Form

What is the bsafe Kerala police app?

In this toughest time of the pandemic, the Kerala government has ordered a complete lockdown in the state to cut the chain of transmission. Hereby only emergency services will be allowed and for that Kerala, police have come with an online e- pass.

This pass will be issued to those who are in need to go out urgently due to some emergency and this is an inter-state travel pass in Kerala.

This pass will not be provided to everyone who is applying for it. Only a selective few will be given consent as per the terms and conditions of the pass. This pass will be a ticket for those who have got it.

How to download bsafe Kerala pass app?

Kerala e pass Application Form

For someone who wants to download this pass, you can only have access to the interstate travel pass Kerala.

For this you will have to take your device and search the app name “bsafe app” and the first option that is visible in your app. 

Then you can have the access to this website. The Kerala government has given a form that you have to fill out accordingly and download your affidavit.

The app is one click away and you can get your hand on it with the following method as it has been stated in this article and do all the requirements.

How to get application form?

For the Kerala e-pass application, you will have to access the bsafe link and then fill out the form. You will see the form as you click on the link. Then all the details are required to be filled one step after another and in this method, the entire form will be filled and your application will be successful.

This application must be done in the period of lockdown. Then, as usual, the application will be processed and after several steps, the result will be out and you will get notified through your contact details that have been provided by you.

How to do Kerala e-pass registration?

To register for Kerala e pass online you will need to follow the following steps that are given:

  • Go to the search option of your device
  • Search as “bsafe”
  • Then a form will come to fill that form as per the instruction
  • Entire your name, name of the person traveling with you, your contact details, address, date and the time you are willing to travel, your vehicle information, select a reason to travel and upload all the document
  • After that click on the consent option and submit the entire form and you will be successfully registered

How to check Kerala entry pass status?

To check the status of your application again enter in the same method and follow the steps:

  • Go to the search option of your device
  • Search as “bsafe”
  • Then enter your ID number and  date of birth
  • Click on the dialog box
  • Click on “I am not a robot”

And that’s it your status is automatically visible.

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