How to Buy Stormlikes Instagram Likes, Followers, Views [2023]?

What is stormlikes App?

Stormlikes is a platform for social media apps to boost their online presence and visibility.

The site is one of the best platforms that provide real and authentic followers for social media platforms.

Is stormlike legit?

What is stormlikes App

Is stormlikes safe? Does it provide genuine followers and likes? Is it worth spending money on sites like Stormlikes? We understand that there are hundreds of such questions are running in your head. Stormlikes has been used and reviewed by millions of social media users and has found incredible results.

Stormlike assures that it does not sell the engagement from ghost users with zero likes and posts. Unlike many other sites, this site provides likes, followers, views, and more from the accounts that are real, active, genuine, have 20k- 30k followers, and have posts on their feed. The site also offers a free trial of 20 likes from them to all of its users.

The site also collects no passwords from its users. The users do not even need to create Stormlike account or download any stormlike apk files to avail its services. All you need to do to increase your engagement on Instagram and YouTube is to Select a package, Enter your username, and select photos/ videos on which you want engagement.

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How to use Stormlikes?

The steps to use it are simple, easy, and user-friendly.

Stormlikes for Instagram

Go to official website. The site provides different Instagram Boosting services like Instagram Likes, Views, Comments, Followers, and Buy Instagram Accounts.

How to buy Stormlike Instagram Likes?

  1. There are different types of Stormlike Instagram Likes Services – Real VIP Likes, VIP Auto-Likes, MQ- Likes (US- Europe) and Arab VIP Likes.
  2. Choose the one that suits you well and click on the respective service. The charges for Real VIP Likes range from $4 to $8, VIP Auto-Likes range from $30 to $70, MQ- Likes range from $5 to $10 and Arab VIP Likes  range from $3.5 to $7.5.
  3. The Stormlike Auto Likes features is one of the unique features of Stormlike that enables the user to get likes immediately after posting content.
  4. The users can also customise the package by choosing the specific number of Likes by dragging the scale given below the packages.
  5. Once a package is chosen Click on ‘Purchase’ and provide the Instagram Username in the next page.
  6. Make the payment and then see how magically the Likes start pouring in.

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How to buy Stormlike Instagram Comments?

  1. Stormlikes provides two kinds of Instagram Comments: – Random Comments and VIP Custom Comments, Random comments are the comments with random text while VIP Custom Comments are the ones with the text you provide.
  2. The price for Random Comments range from $2 to $9 and the comments for VIP Custom Comments range from $6 to $13.

How to buy Stormlike Instagram Followers and Views?

The price for Instagram views ranges from $4 to $10 and the price for buying Instagram Real VIP Followers ranges from $6.5 to $16.5. To buy the Instagram views or followers, follow the same procedure as above and see the views and followers booming on your Instagram.

How to buy Stormlike Instagram Accounts?

The users can also buy Instagram accounts of 15k followers to 104k followers from Stormlikes. The price ranges from $149 to$1499 depending on the number of followers. To buy an Instagram account you need to contact the site through their online chat.

Stormlikes for YouTube

The services for YouTube include increasing YouTube Likes. The service charges range from $5 to $68.

Stormlikes customer service

Stormlike has a very responsive stormlikes customer service and it also processes refunds in case of customer dissatisfaction.


We have provided you with all the details including pricing details, trail package, and procedure to use the stormlikes services,  stormlikes customer service, and stormlikes refund policy. What are you waiting for then?

Go ahead and grow your social media channels with Stormlikes.

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