How to Careplex Vitals oximeter app Download for Android iPhone?

Careplix vital oximeter app is a flagship of the AI technology which gives services of monitoring the real-time signals of the heart rate as well as oxygen saturation (SpO2) also respiration rate.

These are all the services that you can avail yourself of from this app and the results are also very much accurate.  The process is done with the support of a smartphone.

Apart from all these, you can consult a doctor by scheduling an appointment with any doctor that you want. All these can be done on the telephone with just a click away.

Then you can also monitor your patient remotely. Any hospital doctor can do so as well and do all the things that are required.  The process is very simple and easy you just need to sign up and start the vital scans and get results immediately.

This application’s working is pretty simple you just need to place your finger on the rear camera. But keep in mind that you need to cover the flashlight and then the scanning will start. You need to be in this position until the results come out. The scan will start and will take place within a few seconds.

How to Careplix vitals App download for Android?

Careplex Vitals app Download for Android

For downloading the careplix vitals app all you need to do is follow the following steps-

  • Visit the “”. This is the official website.
  • As you visit the website you need to scroll down a bit
  • Then you can see that the option for android download is available.
  • You just need to click on that and the download option will pop up.
  • Tap on that option and the download will start.
  • Then after  the download has taken place
  •  The app will get launch automatically.

How to Careplix vitals App download for iPhone?

For downloading the careplix app in your iPhone this is the process that needs to be followed and has to be downloaded from careplix vitals apk download –

  • Visit the “”
  • Then scroll down a little bit
  • The option of iPhone download will be there
  • Click on that option
  • The download option will pop up
  • Tap on the download option
  • Then wait for sometime
  • Then launch the app

Careplex vitals official website details

the careplix official website is “” or “careplex vitals apk download”. If you search by these on google the first option that is visible is the official website. One has to tap on it and you will be redirected to the webpage.

The website has all the details as to how the application works and what you need to know before you start using it. Also, it has the links to get the app downloaded. The steps to use it also is written there step after step. Thus using the app is very easy and one will have no issue using it at all.

App Reviews

careplex vitals oximeter is an application that has one of the best reviews to date and not just from customers but also certified doctors. The medical team is also a fan of this app and has said how easy it has made their work in this pandemic situation.

Many doctors have said that they have been monitoring several patients since the start of the pandemic and the app has helped them a lot in doing so.

The best part of the app is that it gives accurate results and the scanning process is very easy and simple to use without any hassle. Thus the app has a great review from both the party who are using it.

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