How to Get Cash App Loan Agreement in PDF Format?

What is cash app borrow loan agreement?

Cash app is a peer-to-peer service for sending and receiving money using your mobile phone. You can pay your bills, buy stocks and bitcoins, and invest as well. The cash app was launched in 2013 by Square Inc. in the United States of America. Within a few years, this mobile app service has become quite popular among people with more than 70 million active users.

Recently cash app has introduced a new feature for its users – cash app loan feature. As of now, this feature is available to only limited users. If the operation of this new feature goes successful then this new loan feature soon will be available to all existing cash app users.

With this feature cash app users can take instant loans between $20 to $200 for their instant needs in a few minutes. But before taking or applying for a cash app loan, users must know cash app borrow loan agreement.

Cash app borrow loan agreement is a document with all the terms and conditions which users need to know and accept to borrow money from cash app. Users must read the complete agreement and if they find terms and conditions satisfying then they can accept and proceed.

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Cash app loan agreement key points

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Well if you are among those who have the loan feature on their cash app and if you are willing to borrow loan from cash app then you must first read the cash app loan agreement carefully. Here we will mention some key points of cash app loan agreement for you. So you can read and decide whether you should take the cash app loan or not.

Authorization to credit report

By accepting terms and conditions, you allow the respective organization i.e. Square inc. to make inquiries into your credit report and access your credit history. The organization can complain to the credit bureau about late payments, missed EMI, and such financial loopholes from the consumer’s side.

Promise to pay

You promise that you will repay the borrowed money with the applicable charges mentioned in the agreement. And if you do not pay the amount on time then you are liable to pay late fees as per terms and conditions.

Fund disbursement

By accepting terms and conditions, you accept that the bank will keep all rights reserved and will disburse the borrowed amount to your account.

Loan purpose and use

You accept and agree that you will only use the loan amount for your personal expense and according to the policy of cash app.

Repayment of loan

You acknowledge and agree that you will pay your loan amount on time and as scheduled by you. If you don’t make the payment on time then you will pay the late charges and interest due on the outstanding loan amount.


You can also pay all your loan amount in advance and you will not be charged any fees on that. Although it is completely your decision to pay the existing loan amount in advance.

Access to your personal financial information

You agree and accept that you will give access to your personal financial information like your social security number, credit history, credit report, and other such information.

How to read cash app borrow loan agreement?

Before you take cash app loan, you must read the cash app borrow loan agreement carefully to know all the terms and conditions which you need to abide by and accept before borrowing money from cash app.

  • you just need to go to the official website of cash app
  • now scroll down at the bottom
  • and click on the legal TAB
  • A new webpage will open and there you will find the legal terms of services.
  • Simply go through all the terms and conditions carefully and if you agree, proceed.

Why is it necessary to read cash app loan agreement?

It is very important to read all the related documents carefully before signing any financial agreement. if you taking loan from cash app, you must be aware of the financial terms and conditions applicable to customers. So that considering all the points, you could decide whether it is good to take the loan or not.

The organization also wants its customers to be aware of all the terms and conditions and wants to keep transparency and credibility. So the cash app also recommends reading the agreement carefully before making the final decision.

How to get cash app loan agreement in PDF format?

You can get access to cash app loan agreement any time through the official website. You just have to search “cash app loan agreement” and you will see it on your mobile/laptop. Although no option is available on the official website to download the cash app loan agreement in PDF format. 

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