How to Avoid Cash App Text Message Scam/Phishing Scam?

What is a cash app text message scam?

Cash App is an online payment service where people can pay their merchants via Cash App mobile system. It is a well-established service in the UK and US and therefore is highly trusted by the payment facilities it provides. But there have been cases where the spammers have tried ruining the popularity of the Cash App by trying to perform vivid text message scams to loot users’ money through their portal.

Cash App does not send text messages every now and then except in cases where you try to perform changes into your Cash App account like changing password, updating your profile information, or when the Cash App itself needs to add new services on their platform. In brief, the Cash App will not send any text SMS until and unless there is any operation that needs to be done on the user’s account.

Even then if you are getting any message from the Cash App without making any kind of changes on your account, then you need to be careful. These are clear indications of scams and spam.

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How to Avoid Cash App Text Scam?

  • If you get any text message from Cash App for the activity being done on the Cash App and you are unaware of it, be cautious and smart enough to prevent this. To avoid such scams, you can report that message by connecting with the support team of the Cash App. Cash App support team will take this matter as their utmost priority and will try that you never get such messages again.
  • You can also shoot a message to their Twitter account stating the message that you got, and it will be taken into consideration. 
  • Try sending ‘STOP’ to the messenger account you have been getting messages from and you will no longer get any messages from that account. If this keyword does not work, try using other similar keywords like “QUIT”, “CANCEL”, “UNSUBSCRIBE”, or “END”.
cash app text message scam

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What is a cash app transfer text scam?

Cash App transfer text scam is a phishing scam, where the users are asked to confirm a pending payment through website URLs. The text message would be something like this, “$750 Cash-App-Transfer is pending your confirmation [URL] [random_string]” 

When you click on these URLs, you will be then redirected to a web page where you will be asked to fill up various information, in order to complete the said pending payment. In short, such types of scams lead to loss of personal identity, privacy loss, serious financial loss, and duplication of cash accounts.

Scammers by their own illegal means keep track of your daily activities over their felonious network and they often add the user’s previous merchant’s name in their pending payment transfer text message to make it look real and authentic.

How to Avoid Transfer text Scam?

In order to be on the safer end, try not entertaining such URLs and block the messaging account straightaway. Always double-check the recipient of the merchant’s information, you are asked to pay to. And it is always good if you check their cashtag and whether you have done any previous transaction with that merchant.

For more, you can connect with the support team of the Cash App, and they can look into this and can provide appropriate guidance to deal with such scams.

What is a cash app reward text scam?

Cash App holds certain reward giveaways, but they hold it occasionally. Cash App never asks for any login credentials from its users to participate in any kind of giveaway contest. On the other hand, there are scammers who send fake messages regarding contests, claiming that users can win cash rewards and other prizes after registering for them. They ask the user to fill up their information either by clicking on the website they share or directly sending their credentials and account details via text message.

Such scammers, pretending to be a Cash App representative, capture the information sent by the user and use it to destroy one’s personal identity online or empty their Cash App account balance to zero. These scammers never ever gift them any rewards or if they do, they are too less in worth compared to the money they steal from the user’s account with the help of account details supplied by the user mistakenly. 

How to Avoid Cash App Reward Text Scam?

  • To avoid such a cash app reward text scam, always remember never to share your login credentials through any text messages or on any unrecognizable websites.
  • Always remember that Cash App ‘never’ asks their users for their login credentials and personal information.
  • Pay only to those who you trust and are known to you because in the end Cash App is not responsible for any transaction made in the name of extra money and reward until and unless they declare any reward contest officially.  
  • Avoid strangers that offer you high cash rewards in exchange for any piece of information. 
  • Purchasing in exchange for reward is not entertained by any well-established company and not by Cash App either. 

What is a Cash app sign-in code text scam?

Cash App Text Message Scam/Phishing

Every time you sign in into your Cash App account, you receive a sign-in code, any other code sent to you at any time except during the time of logging in, it’s a sure sign of a scam. Any Cash App representative asking for your sign-in code over call, social media, email, or via text message, consider them as fraudsters because Cash App never asks for sign-in code from their users. You can never get a sign-in code for any purpose except when you are signing into your Cash App account. Hence, beware of such fraudsters and try to be knowledgeable and attentive while entertaining such types of text messages.

According to Cash App’s official website, “Cash Support will never ask you to provide your sign-in code, PIN, or other sensitive information like your bank account information.” 

How to avoid Cash App Sign in Code Scam?

  • You can avoid getting into this kind of trouble by securing your account. You can secure your email with two-factor authentication and hide your cash card information from the Cash App by going through the guide provided by the Cash App.
  • Blocking the messaging account from where you are getting such text messages is another great way of securing yourself, in the present as well as in the future. 
  • Always check for the identity of the person you are getting messages from. If you are not finding it an official Cash App messaging account, report it to their support team.


Do cash app alert scam text messages?

Cash App is one of the safest and finest working finance apps that enable you to do safe and quick transactions over their secured network. With its valuation rising every year, Cash App has introduced new working systems to prevent their user from falling into any scamming trap. Cash App has several safety features that most payment applications do not.

They have introduced an AI-driven security feature that flags any potential scams, text messages alerting customers of an unusual login attempt, and a security check that asks users to confirm the identity of the person to which the payment is being done but is not registered on the contact list.

Is there a cash app-text scam?

According to reports, there are people in large numbers who have been scammed through phone calls, text messages, and unsolicited websites. These scammers represent themselves as a Cash App representative and send fraudulent text messages with similar pieces of information as that of Cash App and people believe these messages are real and get scammed.

There are thousands of such cases around and hence it is better if you entertain any text message in the name of Cash App, attentively and with full knowledge. 

Will Cash App ever text me?

When you sign in into your Cash App account on your mobile phone, you will get a sign-code as a text message from the Cash App team but any code apart from this is not being sent by the Cash App.

Cash App never sends any promotional text messages. If you have done the payment to any merchant, you can get some confirmation messages from the team but not more than that. 

Why did I get a text code from Cash App?

Every time you sign in to your Cash App account, you get a sign-in code, which you need to enter in order to prove your identity, and then only you can proceed. If you receive any unsolicited sign-in code via email or any other platform like text messages, the Cash App recommends securing the email account associated with your Cash App account by updating your password and enabling two-factor authentication.

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