Cash Magnet App Apk Download For Android | Use & Reviews

How to download Cash Magnet App apk Android?

It is an app that will allow you to earn money while you’re not using your phone. It is a free app and functions only for Android and does not work on the iOS platform.

Cash magnet works for Android phones which have the 4.2 version and also support the latest version. It requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM and almost 8GB of storage to operate smoothly. 

Download Cash Magnet App

Users can redeem money using PayPal, Amazon gift codes, Bitcoins, or Ethereum. It has good reviews from serious farmers who have used the app massively in 2020 to generate passive income for themselves.

The official website tells you a lot about the process in which you would earn. Cashmagnet app download allows the generation of passive income regularly. 

– Visit the Google Play store and download the Cash magnet app. Install it after downloading it on a phone you do not use.

– After you are done with the installation, permit the app to be drawn over other apps.

– This permission will track the usage of your phone to pay you money.

How does the cash magnet app work?

How does cash magnet app work

For one I.P address, a Cash magnet can allow 4 phones to run. But if you are on Level 4-5 on Cash magnet, you can run your phones for a longer period.

For every 10 points, users would make $0.01. So, for a $1 reward, you will need to have 1000 points in your account.

A higher leveling can help you earn $0.30 to $0.50 per day. 

Your phone’s location matters since traffic are more from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Factors apart from your location that impacts your Cash magnet earning include:

– The Android version of your phone.

– Your level up stage further depends on how many games you install and how long your phone runs.

– Rooting your phone with computer matters since, rooting for Cash magnet allows automatic running of the app and it is great for those who are serious about earning money from it. Many people use VPN, numerous Wi-Fi networks and so on. 

How to use the Cash magnet app?

Cash magnet works well however before users download and install the app, they need to level up.

  • Download a few sponsored games to level up your account before you start making money.
  • The rule Cash magnet follows is simple. The greater number of sponsored games you can download, the greater number of hours your phone would be allowed to run passively.
  • Levelling up would also allow you to earn more points every hour.
  • If you can install all the games, and your level increases, the phone will be able to pretty much run 24/7.

Once you have downloaded a few games, you can start running Cash magnet in the background. Once you have generated a fair amount of passive run-time, your phone will start earning till you have passive run-time.

After every 24 hours, you can re-start the process. The point you have accumulated would appear in the Cash magnet account 

Cash Magnet app reviews

Cash magnet has received some good reviews from viewers and serious farmers on the Google Play store and Reddit.

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