How to change name in carrom disc pool Step by Step Guide?

Carrom disc pool is one of the most interesting games and often involves earning free money and coins. Learn more about the game from this article.

How to change name in carrom disc pool?

Carrom disc pool

To change the name in the carrom disc pool, here are a few steps to initiate the process.

  1. The steps to change the name starts with your opening the app.
  2. Upon clicking the blue pencil sign, you will be given a space where you can change your name. The name can be changed for free only once.
  3. Add your new name which can be within 2 to 16 characters.

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How to earn money?

All you need to do is play the game and earn money through carrom disc pool. There are many people who are earning lots by playing carrom, by playing the game through different levels.

How to get free coins?

There is no way within the game to win free coins. However, you can use a free coin generator. The free coins generated by it require no human verification process. Give your account details and username along with the platform where you play the game to collect coins.


Here’s a bit of what you can and can’t do while playing carrom disc pool. Read through it while playing the game.

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