How to Check Ownership of Discord Server (2023)?

Sneak Peak Through Different Ways To Transfer ownership on a discord server!

Every discord server owner goes through a point where their baby server has become entirely active. More members imply more management, and a single person handling so many members can be hectic. 

To resolve this issue, discord allows a server to have multiple owners, enabling users to transfer the ownership to other server members. If you have been hunting for ways to transfer ownership, this article is just for you! 

Even if your server is not that big yet and you still want your friend to share the burden, this article is just as helpful. So, let’s begin! 

Can you transfer ownership of a discord server?

We are no longer interested in managing or owning the discord server we created. Although you can easily get rid of it, if you don’t want to wipe it out completely, you can transfer ownership of your server. This article has all the required steps to transfer ownership of your discord server. 

How to check ownership of the discord server?

Ownership of Discord Server

Before we proceed with the details of transferring the ownership of your server, let’s first understand how you can check the ownership of a particular discord server.

Discord has allowed users to create servers such that a server has an owner and ought to have a moderator. 

An owner’s roles and responsibilities included making essential announcements, going through conversations, removing members who fail to follow the rules and regulations of servers, etc. 

Now the question that’s bothering you is how to recognize the owner of a server. To do so, the owner could have customized a different color for people with different responsibilities. It can get tricky if that has not been the case, but fortunately, we have a way. 

Checking via Server Settings

Because, at times, you will need the owner of a server, discord has features that show a crown next to the owner’s name. This is what you have to do to check who the owner is: 

  1. First and foremost, launch the discord app on your preferred browser. 
  2. Log in to discord by entering the email id or phone number with the password. 
  3. Once you get in, you can see several servers that you are a member of on the left of your screen. Click on the server for which you would like to check the ownership. 
  4. Select the “Server Settings.”
  5. Choose the option named “Members” Soon; you can view the list of all the members that are a part of the server. 
  6. Finally, scroll till you have your eyes on a name with a crown by its side. 

Well, as you have the server owner, you can easily initiate a chat with them and get assistance for your problem related to that particular server. 

Making an Enquiry

The above method is straightforward to find an owner with a crown. However, although discord has understood your pain of finding the owner and kept a crown beside their name, they also did allow the owner a choice of displaying them or not. 

Some owners prefer not to display the crown to avoid members’ constant attention and to flood their DM with texts. Now the matter of concern is that it is almost impossible to go to their server settings and find a person who is an owner without a crown beside their name. 

So, what options are you left with? Well, you can ask some admins about the owner’s information. Although the owner doesn’t display the crown, they will still be known as one of the admins. So, you can easily slide into a few admin DMs and ask them for the required information regarding the server’s owner. 

You will probably be getting a positive response from one of the Admins, or better, the first person you text can be the owner themself. 

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What do you need to transfer discord Ownership?

We have already discussed if you can transfer the ownership of a discord server and the methods to check the ownership of a discord server. Well, you might be too much excited to know how to transfer the ownership but before that, let’s get into the prerequisite of transferring discord ownership. 

  • The most important thing while transferring the ownership of a server is a platform which might be your mobile devices, browser software, Mac, or windows.
  • Secondly, you should have an internet connection with moderate speed and stable connectivity.  
  • Next, you should understand that there can be multiple owners of a discord server, but as per recent rules of discord, a server cannot accommodate more than four owners. 
  • The last thing we have going to mention is that if a server is without an owner, it will expire automatically. 

Sneak Peak Through Different Ways To Transfer ownership on a discord server!

As we mentioned in the prerequisite section earlier, you need to have a device first to transfer ownership. Here we will be considering two devices one is a PC, and the other one is mobile. A detailed step-by-step procedure is provided for each of them. Keep scrolling to transfer the ownership of any server without any trouble. 

On Desktop (PC)

The transformation process on PC is a relatively easier way to get done with the process. Here are the steps for the same: 

  1. Open Discord on Browser, Mac, or Windows. 
  2. Through the left side of the page, you can select the server name that you wish to transfer the ownership.
  3. Next, you need to navigate to the management section and choose the ‘Server Settings’ option. 
  4. Next, select the User Management option and click on the member’s section there. 
  5. After that, you need to find the member who will be the owner and hover over their name. 
  6. Soon, you can find three dots beside their name. Click on it. 
  7. A menu will appear on your screen with a transfer ownership option. Click on the ‘Transfer Ownership’ option. 
  8. Confirm your decision by clicking on the ‘Transfer Ownership’ option again at the end. 

On Mobile Application: 

Transforming ownership on your mobile can be a bit difficult compared to PCs. However, it’s not impossible. If you cannot log into your discord account through PC for any reason, you can try out these procedures on your mobile instead. 

  1. After entering the credential and logging into your discord account, find the list of servers and choose the server you own and wish to transfer the ownership of.
  2. To access the server settings, select ‘Settings.’
  3. You have to find an option stating ‘User Management and click on it. 
  4. Now find a member option and tab on it.
  5. Once you have gone through this step, you will have to find the member who will be the next owner of your server. Tap on the name after you find it. 
  6. Scroll to the top and select the ‘Transfer Ownership’ option.
  7. Confirm the transformation process by selecting the Transfer Button. 

What happens when you transfer ownership in discord?

Quite simple! Once you transfer the ownership, you are released from the burden of handling the server. The user that you have transferred the ownership to will become the new owner of the server. Please make sure that in order to transfer the ownership, you must be the owner yourself. The feature is only available to owners. Furthermore, if you are thinking of deleting the server entirely, you can also do that and get rid of it. Once you delete a server, all the contents from the server will be removed. 


Can you share ownership of a discord server?

Yes, absolutely! You can transfer the ownership of your server. Per the current rules and regulations of discord, a server should have at max four owners. Moreover, to transfer ownership, you need to be the server owner.

How to claim ownership of a discord server?

At times you might be shocked once you get to know that the owner of a well-organized discord server has abandoned the server. Now, if the owner has not transferred their ownership, you can be the owner of the discord server by requesting it from the support team of discord. However, there is no such guarantee that you will be considered for the position of the owner, but if you want to give it a try, these are the methods that can help you out! 

  1. Find the support page of discord and click on the Submit A request option. 
  2. Discord already has an option named ‘Server Ownership Transfer Request.’
  3. Under the ‘Help & Support section. You need to click on the Help and Support option and select the ‘Server Ownership Transfer Request” option. 
  4. Once you tap the request, several questions will appear on the screen, including the server details, the reason for the ownership transformation, etc. Make sure you fill out the reason as the owner left the server without transferring the ownership.
  5. Finally, click on Submit. 

That’s it. Your end of the job is done. You have to wait for a response from the discord support team, and hope they have positive news for you!

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