How to have color text in Discord (Complete Guide)?

Discord is a VoIP as well as an instant messaging social platform. Users can communicate with media voice calls, text messaging, video calls, media, and files in private chats or as a component of communities known as “servers.” A server is a set of chat rooms and voice channels that you can use through invite links.

Discord runs on Mac OS, iPad OS, Windows, Android, web browsers, and iOS. The service had more than 350 million registered users and more than 150 million monthly active users in 2021. In this article, we will primarily look at the colored text discord generator.

color text in Discord

Can we color text in Discord?

We’ll see the working of the discord-colored text generator here. There are no in-built color options when it comes to Discord chat, and there is a way you can add color to your text by taking advantage of the coding features that the platform was built upon. We’re Essentially Hacking Syntax Highlighting. 

We will be ‘hijacking’ or ‘hacking’ syntax highlights from Highlight.js that run in the background.

There is no built-in text highlighting functions in Discord. Therefore we need to do it.

As a result, we’ll have to do a little workaround, but the Discord-colored text generator works.

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How Text Coloring in Discord Works?

We are going to use a workaround that is based on Highlight.js.

Multiline code blocks will be created with the help of three backticks and syntax highlighting language specifications.

This can be done via reference to programming language highlights rights at the beginning.

How to have color text in Discord?

There are a few things that you must do to make colored text in Discord.

You will need to type your message in three lines. The first line will need to be 3 ` (symbols backtick). It can be found above the TAB key on the left side of the keyboard, followed by the name of the code language (such as HTTP or CSS). 

The message should be on the second line. Holding of Shift might be required along with ENTER for obtaining the second line. Here you will type your message. Specific characters based on color might be needed.

Go to the last line when the message is done. Then the message needs to be closed with three more ‘symbols. This is how you can make colored text in Discord.

Text boxes with the following colors can be created in Discord: 

  • orange
  • Yellow
  • Dark Green
  • Light Green
  • Blue

For Red

Code used: “` diff

Using Shift + Enter, move to the following line and put a – (dash), and any text after this will turn red. Once you hit enter, the text after – (dash) will turn red in the text box as desired.

For orange:

Code used: “`CSS

Using Shift + Enter, move to the following line and write text in [ ] square bracket.

For yellow:

Code used: “` fix

Using Shift + Enter, move to the following line and write your text in yellow.

For Dark green:

Code used: “`bash or “`JSON 

Using Shift + Enter, move to the following line and write the text in quotation marks.

For light green:

Code used: “`diff or “`CSS

Using Shift + Enter, move to the following line and write your text after a + (plus symbol)

For Dark green

Code used: “`in

Using Shift + Enter, move to the following line and write text in [ ] square bracket.


There are some limitations to this method. Some syntax highlight languages referenced do not require spacing out of the text, and continuous words without spaces will have to be written between them.

There are colors contained in variables mostly. And we are faced with this situation as we want to make the multiline code blocks think that the actual code is entered. Variables don’t have any spaces by definition.

How to format text in Discord?

  1. Discord bold text

How to bold: Two asterisks (*) need to be placed at the start and end of the text that must be made bold.

  1. Discord italics

Two asterisks need to be added at the start and end of the text when you want the text to get bold. On the other hand, just a single asterisk is required when you want to italicize the text in the Discord markdown. 

  1. Discord strikethrough

Place two tilde keys at the start and end of the text you desire to strikethrough.

  1. Discord underline

 Two underscores (_) must be placed at the start and end of the text that needs to be underlined.

Combined text formatting in Discord

Symbols for each type will need to be added before and after the text to combine multiple formatting types.

It won’t matter if even one is added before the other if the order is not altered.

  1. Discord bold and italics

Place three asterisks (*) at the start and end of the text you want to bold and italicize in the discord markdown.

  1. Discord bold and strikethrough

Two asterisks (*) and two tildes (~) need to be placed at the beginning and end of the text that you want to bold and strikethrough.

  1. Discord bold and underline

Two asterisks (*) and two underscores (_) need to be placed at the beginning and the end of the text, which must be bold and underlined.

  1. Discord bold, italicize, underline, and strikethrough.

All the necessary symbols need to be added, and it needs to be ensured that the position is the same for applying italics, bold, underline, and strikethrough.

Discord Highlighted text

To highlight your text, add a single backtick on (`) on either side of your text.

Discord Quote text

A greater than sign (>) needs to be added a space follows that. Now type your text, and there will be a quote bar for subsequent lines in the same message. The ‘Backspace’ key can be pressed to remove quote formatting. 

Discord Boxed text

Add three backticks (`) below and after the text. Make note that the whole line will be boxed by sending any text typed into the text box to the new line, which won’t have a box.

Non-embedded URLs

Lesser than (<) as well as greater than (>) Signs need to be added on the left as well as the right side of the URL for sending an URL that is non-embedded. The other round can also happen, but these symbols will be displayed when the URL is sent.

Discord Bots

Changing to specific colors is made available on the server by the multiple Discord Bots. The color is updated by most of them but not the text, and changing the text color simpler has not been made available by any bots yet.

Embeds and webhooks can be added as messages in Discord for the users that are even more advanced. The colored blocks, as well as markdown text support, get used to display after that.

One such Bot is Color-Chan. It is a fast-growing, simple-to-use color name bot with 16,777,216 different color possibilities!

The bot can be customized to fit every server size/type.


How do you use colour bot discord?

Yes. Many bots can be found with a simple online search that can enable a colored text discord generator. Those can be used by you that fit your needs well. The reviews and capabilities should be checked for each bot and then added to the server.

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