How to disable Amazon Sidewalk on Ring [2021] Opt Out Now

What exactly is the Amazon sidewalk?

Amazon sidewalk is is a bandwidth protocol that is introduced by Amazon and is a low bandwidth system with long-range this is a wireless communication system that will use Bluttih Low energy for any short distance communication. The purpose of this development is an internet of things, low-range and to get connectivity.  This network is made of the existing customers’ echo smart speakers which gain will act as the bridge between the sidewalks and the internet. Also, amazon echo has this feature install in it by default and this is not informed to any of its customers.

How do I opt out of the Amazon sidewalk ring?

disable Amazon Sidewalk on Ring

If you wish to opt-out of the Amazon sidewalk all you need to do is follow these steps.  It may be sometimes that one does not want this feature then these are the steps that you can follow.

  • Launch the  ring app
  • Go to the control center. For doing so tap on the three-line icon on the upper corner
  • Tap on the sidewalk
  • Then use the toggle icon present there to opt-out
  • Then confirm

After you confirm it will turn off Amazon sidewalk ring.

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How to disable the Amazon sidewalk on the ring?

Now if want disable sidewalk on a ring or opt-out of the Amazon sidewalk on the ring then these are the steps that one must follow:

  • Open or launch the ring app
  • Go to the control center. For  reaching the control center tap on the three-line icon that is there on the top left-hand corner
  • Then you have to click on the sidewalk option that is  available there
  • Then tap on the toggle option and go for the opt-out option
  • After that, you will need to confirm it

Once you confirm the option you will be automatically opted out from the Amazon sidewalk.

How to turn off the Amazon sidewalk?

If you do not wish to use the Amazon sidewalk and wish to turn this system off then all you need to do is just follow few steps and these steps and you can thus turn off the Amazon sidewalk. It is sometimes really annoying and often people want to turn the system off for that all they need to do is follow these.

  • Launch or open the Alexa app
  • Go  to the option that says more
  • Go  to setting
  • Then select the account setting
  • Then tap on the amazon sidewalk settings
  • Then tap on the turn on or off option from here as  per wish


How do I block search sidewalk?

  • Launch Alexa app
  • Tap on more
  • Then tap on settings
  • Then click on account settings
  • Then fo to Amazon sidewalk
  • They turn off the  Amazon sidewalk and toggle off.

How do I know if I have an Amazon sidewalk?

Pick your Alexa app and there if you have the Amazon sidewalk or not.

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