How to Install/Download Discovery Plus App on Lg Smart Tv [2021]

How to Stream Discovery Plus Channel on LG Smart TV 

How does it feel like to watch 50,000+ content of discovery plus app in your brand new LG smart TV? Great, isn’t it? This is like a dream come true. Discovery plus is launching 2000+ series and 50,000+ content in its app, allowing you to watch content on LG smart TV. 


How can your stream discovery plus app on your LG smart TV? 

get discovery plus on LG smart TV

Discovery plus app is a video streaming service that streams reality shows and other non-fiction content. The videos have incorporated ads sources. But, you can choose to have limited ads by purchasing a plan of $4.99 per month and no ads streaming service for $6.00 per month. 


However, you cannot stream the video app directly with your LG smart TV. Unfortunately, the app is unavailable in devices natively using the LG smart TV. You will require other external streaming services, such as iOS or Android devices to install this app, and then stream to your TV. 

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How to watch discovery plus on apple TV?

How to get discovery plus on LG smart TV?

Since discovery plus is not available for direct streaming to your LG device, there are workarounds to get your discovery to the smart TV. 

You can screen cast the videos from your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and potentially watch content on the TV. But you need to be sure that your smart TV supports one of the two- either Airplay or Chromecast. 

How do I install discovery plus app on LG smart TV?

You need to have a subscription plan in order to watch the discovery content in your LG smart TV. This will help you to set up the external streaming device safely and watch the content straightaway after setting up.

So, to subscribe follow the steps:

  • Click on the link- Official Website . 
  • This will take you to the official site of discovery plus 
  • Click on tab that reads ‘Start Free Trial’
  • Choose a plan
  • Fill in the billing information and other prompts
  • Click okay to get the subscription plan

Now that you are a subscribed member, installing process will become convenient for you. To install the plus app, follow the guidelines:

  • To install the app in your iPhone, click on the link- apple Store 
  • To install the plus app in your Android device, click on the link- play store 
  • You can also visit to either platforms to install the app directly from Android Play Store or Apple Store. 

How to download discovery plus on my LG Smart TV?

You can’t direct download it in your LG smart tv. First install it

How to watch discovery plus on LG smart TV?

Follow the steps to watch streaming video content in your TV:

  • Log in to the app from your phone after downloading it
  • Give your password and username (the one you used to create the discovery account)
  • Connect your smartphone and TV network over similar Wi-Fi network. Skipping this part will get yourself into trouble when using Airplay or Chromecast external services. 
  • Play a content on your app
  • Tap on the ‘screen-cast’ icon
  • Search for your LG smart TV and select it
  • Select your TV and enjoy watching videos

Can you add apps to LG Smart TV?

Yes, you can. Follow these easy steps to add apps:

  • Slick the start button on the TV  remote
  • Press on more apps option
  • From the LG store find the app you want and install

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