How to Get Discovery Plus on Apple TV (2024)?

Now that the citizens of the United States are capable of watching discovery plus apple TV channel from the comfort of their homes, you too, are curious to stream it with your Apple devices. No doubt, there is a good probability of you gaining access to this video streaming app, and this context will highlight the same.

Discovery Plus App

how to get discovery plus apple TV

Discovery plus app is an all-in-one app available in seven different languages. You can watch a range of short videos, TV shows, exclusives, and watch over 50,000 content. Regardless of your love for watching fiction or non-fiction content, the app will have you covered. Install the discovery plus apple TV app and have the privilege to enter into a world filled with adventure, lifestyle, food, science, nature, military, space, wildlife, auto, Indian, food, and more. 

Get the app and enjoy a Sunday evening with your family watching the never-seen-before exclusives, award-winning documentaries, short films, and treat your kids with the kids-friendly informative shows. 

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Does apple TV have discovery plus app?

Now that you know about the amazing shows discovery plus app has to present you with, let’s dig apart the answer for the frequently asked question- ‘how do I get discovery+ on apple TV’?

Here is the answer to the curious question that every Indian is overwhelmed about-

Yes, discovery+ will be on apple TV. With that being said, you need to be a discovery plus subscriber if you want to be a part of the discovery+ family. 

Discovery+ subscribers are in with a big treat. The one-stop video streaming platform offer content on only Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD models. Also, the external video streaming device must support TVOS 11.0 or later. These are the only two requirements you need to have. Having said that, we are pretty sure about your desire to dive into the content library. 

In the next part, we will show you how to get the discovery plus app and watch it on apple TV.

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How to get discovery plus apple TV?

Follow the steps to get discovery plus app:

  • First things first subscribe to the discovery plus app
  • To active, the subscription plan visit the official website of discovery app
  • Tap the ‘Start Free Trial’ icon and sign up
  • Choose a plan and create an account
  • Complete the billing procedure and expect to receive a confirmation mail

How to watch discovery plus on apple TV?

How to watch discovery plus on apple TV?

Follow the guidelines to watch discovery+ on Apple TV app:

  • After completing the purchasing process, visit the Home Screen of Apple TV
  • Click on the menu bar and type in ‘Discovery+
  • Open the app and visit its information page
  • Click to download the app
  • To launch the app you need to create an account with your password and email address
  • Log in to the discovery plus app account by ensuing the prompts

With this, you come to an end of the app activating process. Now, you are good to go with any content available on the discovery+ app.


Is discovery+ available on apple TV?

Yes, discovery+ is available on Apple TV, which ensues as the native TVOS 11.0 application.

Is discovery plus free on apple TV?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. you need to be an active discovery plus channel subscriber in order to watch content on Apple TV. It costs $4.99 per month with ad break content and $6.99 per month without ads break content. 

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