How to download & install chaupal tv app? Check Subscription Plans

The Chaupal App is an attempt to create a truly seamless entertainment pathway for audiences anytime, anywhere. It bears the most advanced and unique video streaming technology that ensures the best quality video reaches out to people depending on their bandwidth.

What is Chaupal App?

download chaupal tv app

The Chaupal app is an application platform that streams the latest exclusive and original web series, documentaries, movies, podcasts, and music from India and across the globe.

Viewers can stream originals in the broadest range of genres and categories in various languages. Chaupal brings films by combining the unique flavors of different regions and communities, featuring world-famous stars and celebrities.

This OTT platform offers endless entertainment options to people residing in various regions in the most affordable way possible.

Chaupal App Subscription Plans

In order to watch various entertaining content on this OTT platform, you need to get yourself a membership plan.

Follow these steps and get your plan right away.

  • Click on this link- register now
  • Clicking on this link will take you to the registration page.
  • Initiate the registration process by either including the mail ID or your phone number.
  • After you enter your mail ID or phone number, click on the yellow-colored button that reads ‘Start your Membership’.
  • Read through the plans and get the one that suits your requirement.

How to download and install Chaupal TV app?

Both APK and app versions are available for this application. You can download the app either way. Follow the instructions mentioned below in order to do the same.

  • Click on this link to download the APK version of the app- .
  • The link will take you to a new page where you will find a blue-colored button that reads Download APKs (38.73MB). Click on it and the APK will be downloaded in your system.
  • You can also download the app through Play Store or App Store.
  • After downloading the app or APK, open it, register for the required plan, and get started with your video streaming.

How to use Chaupal OTT app?

In order to use the Chaupal OTT app, you need to do the following things:

  • Download and install the Chaupal app via phone or desktop
  • Register and buy a plan (provide your email ID or phone number for the same)
  • Start using the OTT app henceforth.


  • Chaupal Originals- Watch entertaining Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri content on Chaupal Originals.
  • Rich Content Catalog- Stream popular and latest knowledge-based content from across the world. This application homes a range of regional language content.
  • AI-assisted Search- Searching for the required content in Chaupal is incredibly easy. Now you can enjoy AI-assisted searches through this application.


Grab the best plan available on the Chaupal app and enjoy seamless streaming of your favorite videos. Watch a range of web series, podcasts, videos, movies, and music from the comfort of your home.

Find content at lightning-fast speed through auto-search and experience the best high-quality video from anywhere.

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