Download Pubg Game Old Version In Jio Phone-Pubg Mobile lite apk

Today’s generation is crazy about the latest and addictive Pubg game apk. You will get this game on almost every youngster’s mobile and almost everyone has a separate smartphone.

But still, some people use old versions of mobiles phones and Jio phones that have less capacity to hold the games and applications like Pubg mobile. So, In this article, I will provide you a link to Download Pubg Game In Jio Phone & other small phones with low RAM. So that Jio users and the small mobile user can also play Pubg Games.

Pubg download in Jio phone

Can We Download Pubg games apk in Jio phones?

Pubg Mobile Lite download for Jio phone & old version mobile phone–

The latest news has begun spreading on the net that the Jio phone now supports the Pubg game.

Do you surely assume Jio phone Supports Pubg? If your answer is yes, then you definitely must read this article, we are going to share all the information you need to know about Pubg support on Jio phone?

What’s new in Pubg mobile

download Pubg in jio phone

Pubg lite is a small version of the Pubg game and it is made especially for people who have small mobile phones. Pubg lite required small RAM and space and provides you good graphics. You can download Pubg lite on Jio phones and other small mobile phones.


  • In classic mode, you can play up to 60 players
  • Each match will be of 10 minutes
  • It will run smoothly with any interruption
  • You will get the latest new weapons like RPG-7 and vehicle like Buggy
  • Rewards for new players
  • You will get New location for a play like Valley, Police Department
  • Get discounts on Purchasing of new items like Outfit, weapons, etc

Pubg Mobile Lite Apk Download

Pubg Mobile Lite Download from the below link. This game is a famous model of the game player unknown’s battlegrounds evolved with the aid of Tencent for the Asian market. It is licensed through the blue hole.

In this game, players jump from the airplane and land at their targeted place through a parachute.

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Some Attractive and Advance Options

Pubg apk game became one of the most played games in very little time just because of its features and uniqueness. Let me tell you.


People nowadays love to play multiplayer games. Now, it’s the trend of multiplayer games and Pubg is one of the best multiplayer games and connects you with your friends. You can play with all of your friends together in one team and also you can talk to them online with an audio support system.


In this game, you will get different weapons that will make the Pubg lite game more interesting. Some weapons are free and most of them are advanced and they are paid. You can earn points to unlock them and also you can buy them using your credit card.

Shooting game

It is a shooting game in which you shoot your enemies and after killing them you can take their weapons and other items.


You can choose different locations in the game to play. Pubg game has a lot of different and unique locations that will give you a real-life feeling.


You can pick vehicles in the game and run them which makes the game more interesting.

How to Install Pubg

The beta model of Pubg mobile is currently to be had in selected countries like Asian and European countries like India, U.S, Australia, Philipines, etc as of now. There’s also no word on whenever it will be available for different nations.

But you could really go beforehand and pick the apk record of the game and sideload it on your mobile phone.

Check Installation Guide Here

Any other element to notice is that the lightweight version is currently to be available for a few nations. If it is not working in your country then you’ll require a VPN service to exchange the location for connecting to the server.

So that is how you will be able to download the Pubg mobile lite game to your low-capacity android device and enjoy it.

Must check and install Korean version pubg.

This is all about Pubg mobile lite old version for Jio phones. If you have any questions and if you are facing issues in downloading then comment below.

Thank You.

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