How to download StepBet app- Make Money with StepBet now

StepBet is an app that is owned by WayBetter. This is an application through which the users can earn by following certain easy tasks. The application is available to download on both Android Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.

Through the StepBet App, you can earn money by completing your daily step goals. You can also reach your goals by participating and playing various mini-games offered by the App. 

How to download StepBet app?

StepBet app download

The StepBet App is known to be both entertaining as well as user-friendly. This involves downloading the StepBet App as well. The StepBet Application is available across all platforms.

This means that both iPhone and Android users can use the app. An android user can download the StepBet App from the Google Playstore while an iPhone user can download it from the Apple Store. The App can be downloaded by following these steps:

  • Open the App Store.
  • Search StepBet.
  • Click on Install.

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How to start a StepBet game

The StepBet games are a set of mini-games that can be played through the StepBet App. These games can be started by following these steps:

  • Open the StepBet App
  • Click on “Let’s go”.
  • Select games or challenges from the options available.
  • You can then participate by betting and check progress.
  • If you win the game you can cash out.


The StepBet has overwhelming reviews on both the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. Users liked the App because it has a fast interface and is very user-friendly. Furthermore, the games and fitness challenges are also very interesting. Users write that there are various challenges to choose from. However, some users also complained that the app puts pressure to take a premium.

Apps like StepBet

There are various Apps like the StepBet App. These include the Adidas Training App by Runtastic; 21 Days Challenge, Self Improvement Program; HealthifyMe App; the FITTR App (Fat-loss plan, workout & personal training), Plank Workout- 30 Day Challenge, etc.


How does StepBet payout?

The App pays through points earned. These points can be earned when a challenge has been completed. The user can further use these points to take part in more challenges or get cash through the PayPal payment system after 48 hours of requesting them.

Is a StepBet membership worth it?

One of the biggest advantages of the StepBet Membership is that the members get to have 100% of their earnings. This means that once you are a member StepBet does not deduct any amount you win to them. Furthermore, members can play up to 3 games at a time and even create their personalized profiles on the app.

How much did you win on StepBet?

StepBet allows you to win various kinds of amounts that are based on the challenge you are undertaking. If you are into doing steps and fitness you can win lots of money through the app.

How much money can you make with StepBet?

It is easy to win through StepBet if you work a lot of steps per day. By completing every challenge a user can make up to $10 to $ 20 per game.

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