Druk Gyalpo Relief Kidu online Application Form- Kidu Registration

How to get Druk Gyalpo Relief Kidu form?

The King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck has granted interest payment support to its citizens as an immediate relief measure to mitigate the COVID-19 conditions.

His majesty’s address on 10th April 2020, was followed by the issuance of the grant. The Druk Gyalpo Relief Kidu 2022 was granted for 12 months and was given out in two phases.

Over 37000 people have been granted support. The loan interest support would be granted for borrowers for one year (50% of loan coverage) and the financial relief would cover everyone for one year.

People laid off, or placed on unpaid leave or reduced salary, businesses mandatorily closed, self-operated business workers in the field of tourism, or people who have returned home due to loss of employment from abroad are eligible for the support.

How to do Kidu online registration 2022?

 Kidu online registration

Bhutanese individuals with a valid citizenship identity card number and any company & partnerships authorized person must first register and log in for filling up the online application form (kidu relief form) from the royal kidu website.

– For registration click on the below link: Online registration.

– Now, you have to select from individual/sole proprietorship or business (company/partnership firms).

– Fill in the CID, date of birth, name, mobile number, email and current residing address.

– Additionally, you have to also fill in the permanent address on the right-hand side.

– Now once filled in click on the Submit button.

– Once the submission of the registration form is successful, people would receive an SMS notification.

How do I apply for Royal Kidu?

 After the online registration is completed and the user has received an SMS notification, then you need to take the following steps for filling up the Kidu relief application form;

– Once registration is done, you would be directed to the login page.

– Choose your type of loan request.

– For individual or sole proprietorship, a user has to incorporate his or her citizenship identity card number and his or her mobile number. 

– For businesses, users will have to submit the CID and mobile number of the person registered with the company.

– Next tap on the Generate OTP button and the same would be sent to the registered email address/mobile number. 

– People have 15 minutes to log in to their accounts by using the generated OTP.

– Submit the information required for the site to get the grant from your royal Kidu relief website.

– Following submission, you would get a message, which states that the application has been submitted and the same is pending verification with Druk Gyalpo’s relief kidu and the Financial Service provider.

How to get Royal Kidu application form 2022

 Royal application Kidu Form 2022 can be generated from the above-given link. Once the application form is submitted Financial service providers would calculate the interest applicable on the loan amount. A total of 50% of that interest payment support Kidu would be credited to the respective accounts who applied for the loan.

How can I apply for Kidu in Bhutan?

Simply by filling up the application form one can apply for the Kidu registration 2022 in Bhutan. The deadline for the application process is available from time to time and Kidu support is being aimed for all three months- April, May and June.

To know if you’re eligible to receive the monetary benefit, you will have to wait for the SMS. If you receive the SMS, you are eligible, if you’re not your application would be rejected. 

Druk Gyalpo Relief Kidu Phase 3, Phase 4, phase 5.

Those who have applied for royal Kidu Phase 3 need not apply again in royal Kidu phase 4. It has been extended for an additional 15-month span from April 2021 and applications are open for 3 months.  

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