How to e rupi digital payment solution App Download [2023]?

What is an e rupi digital payment solution?

This is an e-payment mode that you can use to pay money to anyone across India. This is a newly launched program by the Prime Minister of the country recently. This digital payment mode has an OR code or SMS string-based e-voucher that will be first given to the beneficiary which he can redeem.

Pm Modi launched E Rupi App very recently a few days back which encourages the countrymen to link their accounts with the banks and go for a cashless paying method.

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How to e RUPI app download?

e rupi digital payment solution App

For the time being the e-rupi app has not been launched thus there is no option for downloading. There is no option for e rupi app apk download as well because after the launch of this system there are many banks who are connected with this process and they are liable to make the OR code or the SMS link that one can send to the beneficiary.

The app or the option like UPI Is not a part of e-rupi at least now. In near future, an app may launch dedicated to this cashless system of payment but now it’s not there.

How to Use e RUPI app?

This app will first send a QR code or an SMS link to the mobile number of the beneficiaries. And then the beneficiaries can open this app with the help of this link or code. The voucher can be used without any debit or credit card or internet banking.

This is prepared by the NPCI and to date, more than 10 banks have already been linked. This app has so many features and works pretty smoothly making the life of the countrymen easy. This app also helps the sender see where his or her money is being used and is used for the purpose he or she has sent.


  • Contactless
  • Hassle-free
  • Easy and secure
  • Quick
  • Quick redemption
  • No bank presence
  • Corporates and undertake the well-being of employees
  • End to end transaction
  • Can track the process

How does e RUPI app work?

A QR code or SMS link will be given to the beneficiary and he or she has to redeem it. The issuer can tack the process of redemption and with the help of the linked banks, one can do the payments.

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