How to Withdraw Money from Big Cash App?

What is Big Cash pro App?

Big Cash App is an earning recreation application. You’ll be able to earn a formidable quantity of cash. I will provide you with a brief review of Big Cash.

This App is a cash-creating App. Whenever users complete some tasks while enjoying games like Rummy, Poker, Cricket, etc. There you’ll be able to earn money.

How to use Big Cash?

big cash earn money
  • Big Cash App download on your device.
  • For login, open the app and click on the login with Facebook app to urge Rs.10/- bonus
  • You need to be 18 plus or older to use Big Cash.
  • Continue with your Facebook profile.
  • You can select to play games like rummy, poker, etc.
  • Select your game and you will be able to play together with your friends or can be a part of the match
  • Score higher to win. If you win, then your winning instantly goes to your wallet at the end of the contest.

How to earn money in Big Cash Earning App?

big cash apk download

Big Cash Earn Money now. This app has immense kinds of games that you simply will play to earn Paytm money.

This app has each mini and league game. Mini-games like car racing, bulb smash, etc. You can create an IPL cricket team, and if your team did well then you’ll be able to win a glorious quantity of cash.

Not only cricket games but big cash apk game also has multi games like rummy, poker, etc. You’ll be able to play these additionally if you’re sensible at them.

You can earn by referring your friends. They pay you Rs.15/- for each friend you refer. I recommend referring is the best choice to earn cash within the Big Cash App.

How to Withdraw Money from Big Cash Pro App

Earning app in india 2021
  •  After login, now link your Paytm account number or your registered phone number.
  • After adding Paytm, a message will display on your screen ‘Congratulations, Paytm money will be credited to your account very soon. Processing fees apply.
  • They only cut a 9% withdrawal fee though. For example, you withdraw 1000/- and receive 910/-.

Big Cash Pro App Download

To Big cash game download for android. Click on the below download button.

Big Cash App is safe or not

I would like to tell you concerning this app, as you all see in advertisements that you play this game and you may earn Rs. 2000/- and additional right? However, it’s not utterly true. You’ll be able to earn cash by enjoying games. However little quantity of cash.

Your earnings altogether depend on your biding quantity. If you would like to earn extra money from this app you have to bid extra money.

For example, you’ll be able to win from 3 rupees to 5 rupees in a game that you’re enjoying. If you wish to earn more money then you have to participate in massive leagues and for that, you simply have to be compelled to invest real money, which is risky.

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