How to edit iMessage Text, Avatar, photos, Bitmoji (2024)?

Today, we can say that mobile phones drive the world. Now and then, new phones with enhanced features are released, luring users in more significant numbers. However, the introduction of Apple’s iPhone took the world to a new level. The iPhone ushered in an era of all Internets, blurring the lines between work and home lives, making communication a 24-hour habit, and spawning a slew of new rules about when and how to use smartphones.

Since it overtook many other devices, the iPhone became inextricably linked to our lives. Everyone now has access to the internet thanks to the iPhone. The iPhone App Store revolutionized software development and distribution. IPhone apps transformed everything, including how people work. IPhones became our most popular obsession, and not always for the better. The tech industry in its entirety is thriving and innovating five years after the iPhone appeared on the market – and culture. It’s unlikely that the next big thing will shake up technology in another five years.

Let’s review some of the iPhone editing features to get you started.

How to edit iMessage?

How to edit iMessage Text

Initially, messages are sent via iPhone if users realize after sending the news that the message is not worth sending due to an intent typo but are powerless to change it. However, Apple now allows you to edit your imessages up to 15 minutes after you send them for the first time.

On an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 or iPadOS 16, here’s how to edit a sent iMessage and a few other things to be aware of:

  1. Open the chat thread comprising the sent message you want to edit in the Messages app.
  1. Long press the sent message that needs to be fixed.
  1. Select Edit from the pop-up menu.
  1. Make your modifications, then confirm by tapping the blue tick on the right. If you decide not to change the message, tap the grey X on the left.

Note: Few things to take care of that you have only 15 minutes to edit a message; Apple reduced the time limit after receiving feedback that more extended time limits could be abused.

A note denoting that you have edited or resent the message will be visible to the recipient. They will also see your unedited text if you tap and hold on to the Edited flag.

How to edit your iMessage avatar?

Although not everyone uses contact photos, if you discover that some of your friends are using your worst photo as an avatar, don’t worry—iPhone has a feature that allows you to manage how your contact information appears on other people’s phones. We show you how to do it step by step.

  1. Locate your iMessage hub and launch it. Without this component, nothing will work.
  1. The “Edit” button is located in the top left corner. This will display a small menu of options for you to choose from. The last option, “Edit Name and Photo,” should be picked.
  1. Tap the explanation to continue. Apple displays a few explanation pages on what you are about to do, modifying your contact profile information.
  1. Make your essential choice. When someone looks at your contact information, you can decide whether you want them to see your initials, your Memoji, an emoji of your choice, or a personalized photo.
  1. If you want, you can change your name. When you select your profile photo or image, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen where you can confirm that this is what you want people to see. Tap “Use,” and you should be taken to a screen where you can change your name.
  1. When you’re finished, tap “Done.”

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How to edit iMessage apps?

Most people prefer messaging apps when communicating with their family and friends. It’s very simple because the iMessage apps are located at the bottom. But have you considered how you might edit the apps?

There are two apps in the iMessage app store standalone apps and the iMessage extension of other iDevices. Let us see how one can make edit this app.

  1. Make a list of all the iMessage apps you have that need to be updated first.
  1. Start a new conversation in the Messages app by opening it.
  1. You can find the “More” option (the three dots) by looking in the bottom App Drawer and scrolling to the right.
  1. Select the More or three-dot icon.
  1. If the iMessage or sticker app that needs updating is a favorite, click the red minus sign to remove it from your favorites list and choose Edit.
  1. Update any iMessage or sticker apps that require it.
  1. Press Done once you’ve eliminated every iMessage app from your favorites.

How to edit iMessage Group Name?

Finding the appropriate group chat amidst a flurry of names and numbers may be challenging if you have various them.

What is the remedy? You can modify the names of group texts sent to iPhone users. However, you should know that it only functions if everyone using iMessage participates in the chat.

  1. Launch the group text.
  1. Click the group icons at the thread’s top. You must tap the information button if you use iOS 14 or an earlier version.
  1. Click on Change Name and Photo.
  1. Add the name of your new group text.
  1. To change the name, tap done.

How to edit iMessage Bitmoji?

Emojis are tiny images that you can use in text messages and other iPhone apps. They might already be closely associated with you.

An alternative is Bitmoji, where you can make your avatar and send it to others. The question of changing your avatar’s appearance might arise if you have already made one and now change your mind.

  1. Start Bitmoji.
  1. Pick up the gear icon.
  1. The option to Change Avatar Style.
  1. Discover a new choice, and then select Use this Style.

How to edit iMessage photos?

iPhone allows you to edit your iMessage photo using the following simple steps.

  1. Open the Messages app and select the “…” option in the top right corner of the display.
  1. Select “Edit Name and Photo” from the menu.
  1. Now click the “Edit” button located above the display picture’s placeholder.
  1. You can now pick a picture for your iMessage account. Select an image from your photo library by tapping the All Photos button or selecting one from the available Animoji and Memoji options list. Additionally, you can tap the “Camera” button to take a picture, which you can then use as your profile picture.

An alternate option to make an edit:

You can do this by tapping the edit button under Settings > Messages > Share Name and Photo.

How to edit iMessage Name?

iPhone can now allow users to change or edit their iMessage names; you have to follow the simple steps for editing, such as-

  1. On your smartphone’s home screen, tap the Messages app.
  1. Choose the… icon from the screen’s top.
  1. Tap Edit Name and Photo near the bottom.

The options listed above are just a few of what an iPhone user can accomplish by following a few easy steps. Let us now take you to some of the frequently asked questions.


Can you edit texts on your iPhone?

Yes, you can edit the texts on your iPhone. Within 15 minutes of sending a message, you have the option to edit it up to five times.

Choose the conversation that contains the message you want to edit in Messages.

Tap Edit after touching and holding the message bubble.

Tap the right sign after making any changes to resend with the changes, or to go back, tap the cross sign.

Note: The message bubble is updated to reflect your edits if the person you’re messaging has iOS 16 or later installed on their device. Both of you can tap Edited to view earlier iterations of your message.

A new message with your updated text is sent to the person you’re messaging if they have iOS 15.6 or earlier, iPadOS 15.6 or earlier, macOS 12 or earlier, or are using SMS.

Is it possible to edit a sent text message?

Yes, it can be possible with iPhone. You can edit or unsend recent messages in the Messages app, giving you the chance to correct a typo or retract a statement that you unintentionally sent to the wrong recipient. Your unsent message and edit history are visible to the recipient.

How do you edit a message on iOS 16?

There is now some hope for those who frequently make typos, message the wrong person, or think before acting. The ability to edit and unsend iMessages is one of the features that Apple has finally implemented.

You must open Messages and navigate to any thread using iMessage, also known as blue text, to edit a text message. This feature does not support SMS text messages (green texts). Now, tap the message you want to edit while holding the button. Following that, the Tapback reactions and quick action menu will show up. Then select Edit.

Final points

You can download iOS 16 right now, allowing you to use one of the most anticipated features with the most requested features. Several of the characteristics were covered earlier. To assist you in learning about iOS 16 and how to use the new features it adds to your iPhone, we created this cheat sheet. So what are you waiting for? Just purchase an iPhone and take advantage of its intriguing features immediately.

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