How to Embed in Discord (Complete Guide)?

Embeds are unique messages or texts in Discord that are quite often sent by a bot. There are various ways of creating an embed in Discord which we will dive deep into later on. 

Now, most of you have heard the term Bot, or if you have used Discord for quite some time, you would have come across some bot. Now bots are AI-driven tools that can assist in automating your tasks on your discord server. 

It is a useful tool that assists you in various activities like engaging a good environment in your server, identifying bad language, or even removing a bad engager in the community. Some popular bots you might have come across are: 

  1. MEE6
  2. Chip
  3. Dank Memer 
  4. Hydra 
  5. Helper. gg
  6. Groovy 
  7. Octave 

Each of these bot servers has special purposes and has a unique responsibility in your Channel when engaged. 

Is embedding in Discord possible?

How to Embed in Discord

Absolutely, yes. Embedding in Discord can be done for a simple reason to help the community engage in removing a bad influencer in the group to identify the foul language in the Channel.

There are various ways of embedding in Discord that can be accomplished. Let us look further into establishing an embed in Discord in the next section but for now, creating a bot requires just a few basic hand-knowledge about some things. There are a few properties that allow the users to represent an activity.

  1. .applicationid – the id of this application that is associated with the activity.
  2. .assets – assets for a rich presence.
  3. .buttons – are the labels of the button of this rich presence.
  4. .createdTimeStamp – represents the time the activity is created at.
  5. .details – represents the details of the present activity.

There are various other classes in discord.js. Some of them to list are:

  1. Activity Flags are data structures that make it easy to interact with the activity bitfields.
  2. AnonymousGuild – they bundle common attributes and methods between Guild and Invite Guild.
  3. Base – this represents a Data Model that is identifiable by a snowflake.
  4. BaseGuildEmoji – these are parent classes for GuildEmoji and GuildPreviewEmoji.

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How to embed in Discord?

Webhooks and packages 

Webhooks are a simple guide to connecting web applications with webhooks. Packages are a defined namespace that structures and organizes a set of related classes and interfaces. 

Webhooks are one way of sending automated messages structured by the users or some type of information to other applications. For example, it is how Google Maps tells you that you have reached your destination. There is another way of embedding named polling. For now, let us keep our focus on webhooks.

An event occurs which induces the webhooks automated messages to trigger, and the messages are delivered to the application as specified.

Discord specifies a feature called Embed Builder, which uses JavaScript to develop, organize, and structure automated messages for bots. A user creating an embed in Discord must have a prior basic grasp of JavaScript. Javascript is a programming language that is used here. 

To use discord.js, you need to install the package via npm, which is an acronym for Nodes Package Manager

  1. Set up a new project folder.
  2. Using the command prompt install the package folder.
  3. Now, install the discord.js package using npm, as mentioned earlier.

The next phase is to create a bot. This is created in the discord application itself. 

  1. Log in to your discord account.
  2. Click on the “New application” option.
  3. Create an application.
  4. Once the application is created, create a bot that will be easily recognizable on the created application.

Then comes the coding in Javascript. Now, as mentioned earlier, this requires a basic knowledge of the language and its functionality. Now, invite your bot into a server. It involves the following sequence of steps.

  1. Navigate to the OAuth2 tab and select “bot” under the “Scopes” section.
  2. Choose the type of permission you want for your bot.
  3. Click the “Copy” button above the permissions. This results in copying a URL to your clipboard, which can be used to add the bot to the server.
  4. Paste the URL into a browser, then initiate the bot, and click “Authorize.”

Once the following steps are completed and executed, let’s move on to coding the bot’s functionality. 

Let us take a simple bot directly from the discord.js documentation. Further, create a file called main.js. In that file, code the following sequence of codes. 

const Discord = require(“discord.js”)

const client = new Discord.Client()

client.on(“ready”, () => {

  console.log(`Logged in as ${client.user.tag}!`)


client.on(“message”, msg => {

  if (msg.content === “hello”) {





Now, this code is functioned to do that the bot sends a reply “world” to each text it recognizes as “hello” given by the user. To test it, go to your discord channel and type in “hello,” and you shall have a “world” word as a reply to it.

Additional quotes can be added by using the getQuote() function.

Embedding an image in Discord

Embedding an image in Discord requires a few steps. They are:

  1. Go to any channel settings you wish to specify and do the needful.
  2. Click on the integration – click on webhooks.
  3. Create a new webhook URL.
  4. Copy and paste the webhook URL you just copied.
  5. Add the desired image URL in the Image URL link given in the integration section of the settings.

Although Discord doesn’t actually download and pastes the image directly onto the preview of the bot, but instead embeds the URL and shows a preview of the image to be displayed, with a link containing the source of the image. 

How To Embed Elements: 

Here’s the code to embed elements: 

const { EmbedBuilder } = require(‘discord.js’);

// inside a command, event listener, etc.

const exampleEmbed = new EmbedBuilder()


.setTitle(‘Some title’)


.setAuthor({ name: ‘Some name’, iconURL: ‘’, url: ‘’ })

.setDescription(‘Some description here’)



{ name: ‘Regular field title’, value: ‘Some value here’ },

{ name: ‘\u200B’, value: ‘\u200B’ },

{ name: ‘Inline field title’, value: ‘Some value here’, inline: true },

{ name: ‘Inline field title’, value: ‘Some value here’, inline: true },


.addFields({ name: ‘Inline field title’, value: ‘Some value here’, inline: true })



.setFooter({ text: ‘Some footer text here’, iconURL: ‘’ });

channel.send({ embeds: [exampleEmbed] });

This set of codes exemplifies the manipulation method of the newly created Embed Builder Project.

How To Embed Object? 

An embed object in Discord is a component in your discord server that has encapsulated data containing unique formatting and structure. An embed can contain components like author, links, avatars, titles, and many more. 

To use an embed object, we can use the following code as an example.

const exampleEmbed = {

color: 0x0099ff,

title: ‘Some title’,

url: ‘’,

author: {

name: ‘Some name’,

icon_url: ‘’,

url: ‘’,


description: ‘Some description here’,

thumbnail: {

url: ‘’,


fields: [


name: ‘Regular field title’,

value: ‘Some value here’,



name: ‘\u200b’,

value: ‘\u200b’,

inline: false,



name: ‘Inline field title’,

value: ‘Some value here’,

inline: true,



name: ‘Inline field title’,

value: ‘Some value here’,

inline: true,



name: ‘Inline field title’,

value: ‘Some value here’,

inline: true,



image: {

url: ‘’,


timestamp: new Date().toISOString(),

footer: {

text: ‘Some footer text here’,

icon_url: ‘’,



channel.send({ embeds: [exampleEmbed] });

Embed Link In Discord 

Let us consider an example of Carl Bot. Now making a Discord hyperlink is only a feature that’s reserved for the bot. Carl-bot is a popular bot, but this can be accomplished using many bots. Let’s consider Carl-bot in this case.

  1. Log in to the Carl-bot site.
  2. Authorize a Carl-bot – it would request you to authorize a Carl-bot to access some of the details in your discord account. 
  3. Select a suitable server.
  4. Setup the necessary permissions.
  5. Optionally configure features – configure some features of this bot. You can click ‘Get started’ or skip directly to the dashboard.
  6. Open Embeds builder.
  7. Write the text and the URL.
  8. Preview the text.
  9. Select Channel and post – Select the Channel in the “Destination” box and click on the ‘Post’ to send the embed message. 

Try exploring certain aspects of this URL and Text fields.

How do I mention a channel emoji in discord embed?

Step 1: Create WebHook

  1. Open your discord account and go to the Channel where you want to embed the message. 
  2. Now click on the Channel’s setting option. 
  3. Several options will come up, one of them being integrations. Click on the integration option. 
  4. Two options will come up to the right side of the settings. One is webhook, and the other is channeling followed. Select the webhook option. 
  5. As soon as you click on the view Webhook option, another button stating create new webhook will pop up. 
  6. You can enter the webhook’s name and then copy the same URL. 

Step 2: Setup Discohook:

  1. Go to your browser and search for disc hook. 
  2. Open the disc hook web page on your browser. 
  3. No, enter the webhook URL in the section where it asks to enter the webhook URL. 

Please note that you should not share the link with anyone randomly because this might lead to spam messages to your contacts. You can click on Clear All once the job is done to avoid the situation. 

Step 3: Basics Knowledge of Embed: 

Creating Embed: 

  1. Enter the content. 
  2. Then go for the user name of your choice and select the avatar link you would like. 
  3. Then go to the add embed option on the bottom left side. Click on it. 

Body section: 

  1. Now go to the body tag, and add a title and description. 
  2. Use color as well if you like. 
  3. You can also add images in the Image URL section of the body. 

Step 4: Adding Multiple Embeds: 

You can repeat the procedure to add multiple embeds. 

Step 5: Adding Emojis, Channel, Roles, And Users: 

Embed Emojis in Discord: 

On your discord channel, type out the emoji you would like. For example, if you want a shrek emoji, type: Shrek. [yul4 pears, you have to add a backward slash to the emoji. “\”

Send it on the Channel, and you will have an emoji Id in the format: <:emoji-name:123456789> 

Copy the emoji Id. 

Next, In one of your embeds, go to the title section. There, to add an emoji, you can: 


Channel Ids: 

To enter the Channel Id, you have to copy the channel Id first. 

To do so, go to the channel setting by right-clicking on it and copying the ID. You have to go for the developer mode if it doesn’t appear. 

The channel Id looks something like this: <# channel_ID> for user it is just <@user-id>

Step 6: Click On The Send Button


What does embed mean in Discord?

Embed object is a feature offered by Discord that allows users to present data in a formatted way. You can add things like emojis, authors, avatars, and links to it.

Can you embed photos on Discord?

Yes, you can embed an image on Discord. We have mentioned the steps for the same in this article.

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