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Recently, FaceApp-AI Face Editor is gone viral on social media. People are very much excited to use this trending app and also want to know about this app. If you want to know complete details about this app and want to download the latest version of the age changing app then read this article “Faceapp Pro Apk Free Download” to the end.

Below, I have shared the download link and how to use this app video.

FaceApp Pro wiki

FaceApp Pro is a selfie camera app. With this app, you can click the selfie with mind-blowing effects. There are so many camera apps in the market but no one is gone viral like this. It has some unique features that are attracting people towards it. You can apply the age filter to your pic and make yourself old. It also provides your selfie a quality look like a magazine cover.

How to Use Tutorial

Must watch this tutorial before using this app. After watching this video, you would know how to use the advanced feature of this app.

How to Install

  • Click on the download button below
  • Download the App
  • Click on the Install button
  • Enjoy the FaceApp-AI Face Editor

Advanced and Funny features 

1. Age Changing App

The most liked and unique filter of the FaceApp is its age-changing feature. It is the feature that made this app viral. People are loving to watch themselves in old age. You can see how you look in old age. So, if you also want to see yourself in old age and want to upload that image of social media like others then must download this old photo making app from the download link, I have provided above.

2. Gender Swap

With the help of the app, you can swap gender. It is so funny feature. You can apply these filters to your friend’s pics and amazed them. It is really gonna be fun. So, don’t miss that fun and download the FaceApp pro latest version right now.

3. Advanced AI

If you are new in pics editing and you have never used any photo editing app and you are confused that which filer is to apply then this app has the solution for this too. They have used advanced AI that will help you to choose the best filter. It will auto recognize your face and apply the best filters on your pics.

FaceApp Common Features

1. Hair Effects

You can change the look of your hair by applying different hairstyles to your head. It allows you to change the color of your hair. It is best for the girls because they like to take a selfie by changing the color and style of their hair. It has different hairstyles for both boys and girls.

2. Makeup Effects

These effects are loved by girls because they want apps like this where they can easily apply makeup to look beautiful and gorgeous. So, If you also want to use this effect then must download this FaceApp pro. It has different makeup shades for day and evening. You will really gonna love the Makeup kit and shades of this app.

3. Beard/Mustache

This app has taken care of both men and women. If for girls, they have given makeup effects. Then for boys, they have provided the Beard and Mustache options. So, men can use different beard styles and apply them to their selfies to get a bold look. There are so many latest and trending Mustache options that you can apply to your photos.

4. Smiling Face

Sometimes, we click the photo with no smile. So, if you have those photos then you can add a smile to those photos. It is really the best feature to make your bad photos look live and beautiful by giving a beautiful smile to that photo.

5. Different Background

Now, you don’t need to worry about the place where you are taking selfies and pictures. Now, you need to worry about the background of the selfies because in this app you can change the background of the photos in one click and FaceApp has different background images that you can apply free of cost. So, go free and take selfies with the FaceApp pro.

6. Tattoos

So, if you want to look cool then there is the option of tattooing in FaceApp. You can apply different trending tattoos with this app.

7. Photo Editing

It provides you with the tool to edit your pictures. You can apply so many color filters to give a different look to your pics. You can use the eye lens. Also, you will get blur, crop, mirror, and a lot of features like this that other apps provide.

Funny options

  • Change Gender
  • Change age
  • Funny Filters

Keypoints of FaceApp

  1. Easy to use
  2. Most Funniest App
  3. Very Useful
  4. Lots of Fun
  5. Best photo Editor

Public Reviews and Rating

People have given 4.4/5 ratings to this app on the play store. And I have some of the reviews of the public.


Excellent App, very Deep programming, and finally someone made the face detecting part correctly.

Christina Layne

I love to use this app and make fun of my pics with FaceApp.

Penny Marks

I like the app but its free version has limited features.

This is all you get the details about the article “Latest Version Faceapp Pro App Free Download”. Comment below if you like this app and also if you want to ask anything from us.

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