Facebook Lite apk old Version | Download Facebook in Jio Phone

Facebook is a vast social media platform. Almost everyone uses facebook no matter young or old. Facebook connects the world. There are so many social media platforms but none of them is like facebook. Today, in this article, I will share “Facebook Lite apk Old Version Download for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)”.

Facebook Lite apk old Version

Facebook Lite apk old Version

Now, the question is Why do People search for an old version of fb app?.

So, the answer is FB updates its app very fastly. They add new features inside it. So, the update also increases the size of that apk. So, some people use mobile phones like Jio phones with less capacity. So, the FB old version is best suited for them. So, you can also download Facebook in Jio phone and other small phones easily.

Facebook has many apps some people like to download fb lite (For Android and Jio phones) which is the lighter version and some download fb messenger apk (For smart mobiles, iPhones) which is a heavier version of FB app.

There is one more reason. Some people are so used to of Old Version facebook login page. So they want to run that version of the app only.

Download Link For All Fb Version

Facebook Download In Jio Phone

Facebook is now the world’s most used and famous social media app. You will never find any smartphone with this android application and also almost every person including a child, youth, old, male, female every one use this app. And there is the reason for using this app. There is no other social media app that is better than facebook.

So, many social media apps came and gone but facebook is still there and made its space in the social world.

Facebook is a free app but still, it takes care of all of its users. That is why it is compatible with almost all devices including Jio Phones. It is not limited to only smartphones. Facebook is the app that you can use on smartphones, pc, simple touch phones, and even on keypad phones like Jio phone, etc.

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Facebook Lite Apk Features

Find Friends and family

On FB, you can connect with all of your friends all over the world. And it is very to connect with anyone. You can add your family members to your friend list and talk to them, watch their feeds, post, photos, and videos, etc.
You can find your old friends on FB just by searching their names. You can also add unknown people on facebook if you want.

Post Status

On FB, you can post status. At the start of facebook lite, we could only share some text and photos. But nowadays, facebook is so advanced and provides you with so many activities to do. You can share photos and videos. You create polls to get the opinion of your friends on any topic.
You can share funny memes, useful news and updates, educational post, and much more with thousands of people.

Comment and like

On fb, you can comment on your friend’s post. You can like photos and videos. When anyone comments and likes photos and videos Facebook gives us a notification so that we can respond to that person’s comments.

Events & PLans

On Facebook, you can also create events. Nowadays, people are organizing events and inviting thousands of friends with the help of Facebook. You can make plans to meet up with your old friends and family.

Save photos

You can save videos and photos on Facebook lite apk if you like it. You can watch the saved videos and files and photos later.


You can follow celebrities and people whom you want to check the post and news feeds.


Nowadays, Facebook apk has become a major source for promoting your business. Most of the people are deriving a quality audience for their business through facebook.

Pages & Groups

You can create pages and groups on facebook apk. It is very easy to do so and you can grow your followers and audience.

Facebook Desktop Version Download

Facebook for the desktop version is available. You can check the above download link.

Facebook Messenger apk Old Version Download

If you also want to use FB messenger apk then use the above link to download.

Facebook Latest Version download

I have also shared the latest version of facebook apk 2019. Check the above download button.

Download From Playstore

This is all you read about the facebook apk old version. If you have any questions and facing any problem downloading fb in jio phone then comment below.

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