How to use fakestop app on Amazon and identify fake review?

What is Fakespot App?

The Fakespot application is a very useful application for both online shopping platforms and customers. The Fakespot Application is useful in identifying fake reviews or any kind of bot-generated reviews on websites or apps. The app identifies the fake reviews on third-party shopping or other retail platforms and flags them for the customers.

How to use Fakespot on Amazon app?

fakestop app

The Fakespot App can be used on the Amazon App to identify fake or bot-generated reviews. Although Amazon thinks that Fakspot compromises the security of its app, and wants it removed, it is true that Fakespot has put Amazon’s website on its application. Thus to use Fakespot on the Amazon app till it is removed follow these steps:

  • Download or install the Fakespot app from a relevant platform.
  • Enable permissions and open an account.
  • There will be lists of popular websites or shopping platforms listed on the app.
  • You can find Amazon there and open it. You can even search for the same.
  • Then you can go to specific products to check reviews.

How does Fakespot work?

The working and operation of the Fakespot app are relatively simple and hassle-free. To make the work on your device follow these steps:

  • You can install the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iPhone users respectively.
  • After the app is installed you need to enable permissions of apps you are using for shopping and other purposes on the app.
  • You can then open the shopping apps from the Fakespot app to check the validity of the reviews.

Fakespot Alternative

Apps like Fakespot are said to be applications that exist to help smart users to make intelligent and well-informed shopping decisions. Some of the alternatives of Fakespot are as follows:

  • TheReviewIndex
  • GMB Tool Box for Google

Is Fakespot Safe & legit?

Yes, the Fakespot app is legit and safe. This means that the app operates within the boundaries of external shopping platforms or apps privacy.

Fakespot vs ReviewMeta

One of the biggest and most widely known competitors of Fakespot is ReviewMeta. ReviewMeta is a great competition to the Fakespot App as it is not only similar in its functioning but also operates on a similar scale. Here is a comparison between Fakespot and ReviewMeta:

  • ReviewMeta provides detailed analysis and review on copy-pasting URLs. While Fakespot shows which reviews are fake or bot generated.
  • ReviewMeta assigns weights to its analysis to help its customers understand the amount of purity. Fakespot on the other hand uses grades to show which comment is less fake and which one is most fake.

Fakespot app reviews

Some of the reviews of Fakespot are as follows:

  • User-Friendly app.
  • Fast results and great algorithm.


Is Fakespot accurate?

The accuracy of the Fakespot app depends on various assumptions and the algorithm. Therefore there is always scope for error.

How does Fakespot make money?

There is no legible confirmation on the fact that the Fakespot App makes any money.

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