How to fix the cash app unable to sign in on this device?

The Cash App is designed for digital currency, hence you never want to face any kind of glitches at the time of payments. But on your normal days, you try to login into your Cash App account and it displays a message, ‘Unable to sign in on this device. This message is worrisome as it kills your major time and disturbs your workflow.

However, these temporary problems can easily be fixed in a few steps. If the problem lasts longer, the Cash App support team will dully help you out in analyzing your account and solving the issues being faced. The probable reason for this issue can be connectivity issues, multiple logins, wrong credentials, server failure, and in the worst case, it could be a hacking attempt from the hackers.

Hence, try not to share your details with everyone around and look into any minor changes that reflect in your account.

Different Cash app login errors/Issues

fix the cash app unable to sign in

Cash App is known for its advanced features and its speedy working server. But at times when you are unable to log in to your account, you can get irritated and worried. Hence, if the reason is known to you, you will be able to fix it easily and in less time. Let’s look down at some of the most probable reasons for not being able to login into your Cash App account:

  • Poor Network Connection

Cash App always requires high-speed working internet to carry out its services. When you are unable to log in to your Cash App account, it might be because of an internet problem. It may be that you are connected to the Internet that has a weak connection or you are connected to some unsafe network.

An unsafe network means that this network might steal your data and keep a watch on your activities being done on the Cash App. This mainly happens when you are connected to any unknown public network. And if these are the cases, the Cash App will display, ‘unable to sign in on this device.

  • Application not up to date

The Cash App may also malfunction if it is not updated to the newest version. The point of the upgrade is to remove any kind of viruses and improper working commands from the older version. And if you are still on the old version, the Cash App will malfunction and you will be unable to login into your account.

  • Multiple device’ login

Cash App only allows the user to login into one device at a time. Hence if you are trying to sign in to different devices simultaneously with just the same account, the problem may arise and you will be barred from logging in to your Cash App account.

  • System Glitch

You may have a low working processor on your system or your system is too old to handle new and advanced software and applications. Therefore, at times the system crashes or hangs, which results in not being able to sign in to your Cash App account.

  • Running background application

Running so many applications all at once can make your system run slow. Also, there are applications from which the Cash App’s privacy comes under threat. Hence avoid using multiple applications when you have to operate the Cash App.

How to fix [explain each error solution]

As you have been through the reasons behind the problem of logging in to the Cash All account, now let’s see the solutions for it. Below are the points that will help you to fix the unable to sign in problem.

  • Fix your Internet connection

If you think you are not in a high-speed internet zone or you don’t have a decent working Internet, try fixing that. Check for your cellular data. And also look at what type of WiFi you are using. If you are not sure about the Wifi servers you are using, kindly disconnect them to avoid losing your privacy to unsafe networks. Recharge your cellular data with high-speed internet before you start using the Cash App.

  • Update your Cash App

Look for the updates for the Cash App. Go to the app store and check if there are any updates available. If there is, download it. It is very necessary to update to newer versions to get rid of old viruses and slow working commands. Download the update, launch the app, and try logging in again.

  • Log out of other devices

If you think your account is logged in to other devices as well, then log it from the device. Tap on the Profile icon and click sign out. This way you will securely log off from your previous device and now can sign in to your other device easily.

  • Scan your system

Scan your system for viruses and glitches. Make sure you do not have any unnecessary and unsafe third-party software or applications. If you have those, it is advised to delete them real quick. This unsafe software can steal your data and can also cause a malfunction in your system due to which you might face problems logging in to the Cash App.

  • Stop running apps

If you have apps running in the background, force stop them. So many applications running at once can make the Cash App function slowly.

How to cash app login using cashtag?

 Cashtag is the unique username given to each user of the Cashtag. It is a one-step method to send or receive money on the Cash App. The user just needs to click on the cashtag link to get the user’s detail.

With cashtag coming in, users no need to share their account details, phone numbers, and other of their privacy to receive or send money. However, you can not use it to log in to your Cash App account. It is just used to know about your identity on the Cash App and for transactions.

How to log in to the Cash app account on android?

If you are an Android user and looking forward to setting up your account on the Cash App, the following will help you out.

  • Download and install the Cash App on your android device from the play store
  • To download it, simply type its name on the search bar and click on install
  • After it has been installed, go to the home screen and click on the application to launch it
  • After it is opened, fill in your credentials in the empty boxes and wait for the OTP (Social Security Number) to arrive
  • After the OTP pops up, type the OTP in the blank space provided
  • Click on sign-in
  • And you will be logged in to your Cash App account successfully

How to sign in to an iPhone Cash App account?

If you are an iOS user or recently switched from Android to iOS, you can take the help from the directions provided below to sign in to your Cash App account.

  • Go to the iOS store
  • Look for the search button in the bottom right corner of your device
  • Search for the Cash App by typing its name on the search bar
  • Click on the download option after it appears on the search list
  • Wait for the download to complete
  • After the download is complete, launch it and sign in with your credentials and OTP
  • With this, you will be in your Cash App account on your iPhone

How to sign in to the Cash App account from a web browser?

fix the cash app unable to sign in

People who are looking to work on the Cash App from their web browsers only need to wait and have a look at the directions given below. The steps stated below will help them out in signing in to their Cash App account from their Web Browser.

  • Search for the Cash App on the Web Browser Search bar or simply open the link
  • After the website is shown up on the screen, click on the login page from the top right corner of the screen
  • Enter your credentials, like your phone number or email along with the password and OTP
  • After completing filling up the credentials, click on Sign-in/Login
  • With this, you will enter the homepage of your Cash App account


Can I log in to my Cash App on two devices?

Yes, you can log in to your Cash App account on two devices but if you have signed out of your Cash App account from the previous device before you try to login into the other one. Cash App does not support multiple logins at the same time and doing so will cause an ‘unable to sign in on this device’ error.

Can I sign in Cash App with a card ?

Yes, you can link any of your debit or credit cards with your Cash App account. Moreover, the Cash App also gives the option of ordering their Cash App Cash Card too. The card comes with so many benefits and extra features that can make your economic living quite simple and easy.


This article is sufficient for you to understand the problems related to logging in to your account and the solutions needed to fix them. It will also help you out in knowing how to log in to your android as well as iOS devices.

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