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If you like shooter games and love to play that type of game then you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you “How to Download Garena Free Fire apk in Jio phone” & For smart Android phones. Most people want to play this game on Jio’s phone.

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As there are so many shooter games like Pubg mobile lite, IGI, GTA etc. And Pubg is a great trend nowadays.

Garena Free Fire is a shooter game same as the Pubg game but it is small in size than the Pubg game. But it will never let you miss the Pubg game. If your phone has less space like Jio phone and you still want to play a game like Pubg then this free fire apk is the best for you.

Garena Free Fire game in Jio phone

If your phone has less storage and you are using Jio phones then you can try to download this game.  Hope it will work in that because it is not a big-size game. Many users are using this game on their small mobile phones.

You can comment below if it is not running on your Jio phone.

Fire Free Game

garena free fire apk download

Free Fire is a survival shooter game for android mobile users same as Pubg. In this game, you are left on the island with 49 other players. You can choose the location of landing when jumping from the plane with a parachute. You can easily aim at your landing location. Most of the features of this game, match with the Pubg game, In this game, you also need to stay in the safe zone. The more you stay in a safe zone, the more you will survive.

This game provides you with so many real-life features. You can drive vehicles in the game. You will also get a map that will help you to go to the place you want.

Use trenches to hide, you can hide in the grass.

How to Play

Playing this Fire Free apk game is so easy. If you have played Pubg before then you don’t need to think about anything. Just go for it. But if you haven’t played Pubg before still, you don’t need to worry about it. Its controls are user-friendly, you will easily pick this game. Also, watch the shared video tutorial.

In this game, you need to survive for 10 minutes with 50 players on the island. You will drop down from the plane with a parachute and you can choose your landing location. You can create your own squad with up to 4 friends and do teamwork. You just need to survive in the game. The person or team that survives in the last will be the winning team.

You need to be in the safe zone. If you go outside the safe zone. You will be eliminated. Search for weapons and bullets everywhere. Search for airdrop for so many exciting weapons and armors. Kill the other players and stay in the game longer. You can drive cars and kill enemies. You can hide from enemies with the grass. Apply your strategies and win the game.

Garena Free Fire Apk Download 

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Search for Weapons

In this Garena fire game, you can search for different weapons and armors to protect yourself from enemies. Weapons are so powerful and you will really love to operate that. You can take the weapons and other things of your enemies after eliminating them. There are so many sniping weapons that you are going to love.

You will also see airdrops in this game same as Pubg. This airdrop is the package of all the instruments you need in the game like weapons, armors, bullets, etc. And this airdrop falls from the sky. Whenever you see an airdrop falling, you need to reach that location first before your enemies or other players to get the full benefit of this airdrop.

10 Minute Survival

There will be a total of 50 players and you need to survive for 10 minutes.

Create a Squad

You can also create a squad of your 4 friends. You can do voice chat with them. You can work as a team to win the match. The more you will play with strategy, the more will be the chance of your survival.


Everyone likes the game that is so smooth and user-friendly with good graphics. This game meets all these conditions. The graphics of the game is so good and if we talk about its controls all are so smooth. It is so user-friendly that anyone can play this game and understand the controls a few times.

This is all about “Garena Free Fire apk Download”. If it is not working on your Jio phone then comment below right now.

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