How to get QR code on Discord Mobile (2023)?

What is the Discord mobile app QR code?

The discord mobile app QR code simply allows users an alternate and better way to log in to their discord account on desktops or browsers. 

Before we get into more details regarding Discord QR code scanning, let’s understand how a QR code works. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are meant to be scanned on devices. The data is generally read after processing the QR code image. 

Whenever you try to log into your discord account, you will find a QR code attached to the page. The QR code provided by discord is the way to recognize the computer through which Login was attempted. 

Discord QR codes are quite beneficial as you do not have to type in your Login credentials. At the time when you are concerned about your security, a QR code can be a savior. Suppose you are logging into a new computer that may not be secure; entering your email Id and password can be risky. 

Moreover, at times you might forget your password. Rather than resetting your password and spending 10 minutes in it, you can just log in through a QR code in seconds. 

How to get a QR code on discord mobile?

QR code on Discord Mobile

At the time of logging in through your browser or discord app on your desktop, you will have a QR code attached to the login page. At times, due to technical glitches, you might not be able to view the QR code. In such a case, you should refresh the page.

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How to scan QR code discord mobile app?

Scanning a QR code with your logged-in Discord mobile app is a super easy way to get logged in on a new system that is a computer, no matter where you are.

Scanning and logging into your discord account is a no-brainer. Super easy, and anyone with their mobile phone can get it done. 

There is some prerequisite for scanning the code. You should have your discord app installed on your phone and log in to it using your credentials, that is, email ID and password. You might be wondering if it works for Ios devices as well. Let us inform you that both android and IOS device facilitates QR code scanning. 

How to log in with QR code discord mobile?

As you have already logged into discord on your mobile, the only step that remains is scanning the QR code. Please note that the QR code only lasts for two minutes. If you exceed the time frame, the code will no longer be valid. Don’t believe us? Give it a try! Here are the steps to Log In: 

  • Open the Discord app on your phone.
  • Navigate to the Settings Option and select the option that states Scan OR code 
  • If you haven’t enabled the camera permission for discord, the app will ask you to grant permission. The scanner will scan the QR code in seconds if the camera is enabled. 

You must now align the camera properly with your desktop screen with a QR code. 

Is your discord scanner not opening? There might be technical bugs, but don’t let that stop you from Logging in. Several applications can scan QR codes, including your camera. They will you for final Scan to discord.

Post scanning, the application will ask you for verification. You will have to verify your Log in the attempt. This process is quite important for secure Login. 

Your desktop device will be ready to use after approval! Just like logging in, the Log out process is even simpler. Simply navigate to User Settings and choose the log put option. You will be logged out of the discord account from your browser or desktop until your next session. 

Wrapping it up: 

The special feature of QR codes is that they give you complete control over who and when someone logs into your discord account. At times you might end up scanning a code, but discord always verifies if it was you who wanted to log in. Hence the process can immediately be stopped without any harm. 


How to scan Discord nitro QR code?

Have you ever come across QR codes that offer you free Discord Nitro accounts? If you have scanned the QR code, you definitely know the consequences. While there are discord bots that promise you free discord account, all they do is steal your account and give you nuts.


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