How to Hamdam App Download- Latest Iran Dating App [2023]?

What is hamdam app Iran?

The Hamdam app of Iran is an application that brings two people together and is encouraging Islamic dating and marriages. This is the only legal app in Iran that encourages Islamic marriages and government recognized dating app.

The Hamdam app is developed in the Tebyan Cultural Institute, part of Iran’s Islamic Propaganda Organisation, which also uses artificial intelligence for anyone. Colonel Rajabi said this is the only dating app here in Iran which is legal and the reason for the development of this app is that family values are restored here.

How to Hamdam app download?

hamdam app Iran

To download, Iran’s dating app Hamdam all you need to do is follow these steps that we are listing below. These steps will allow you to download the app in just a few seconds:-

For Android-

  • Go to the play store
  • Go to the search option
  • Type the app name that is “Hamdam”
  • Tap on the search option
  • Then tap on install
  • Wait for few seconds and launch the app.

For iPhone-

  • Go to the app store
  • Go to the search option
  • Type the app name that is “Hamdam”
  • Tap on the search option
  • Then tap on install
  • Wait for few seconds and launch the app.

Apart from these two options, you can also browse the app with its name on google, and from the webpage, you will get access to it.


  • Genuine participants
  • Government-approved
  • Propagates your religious views
  • Restores family values
  • Free registration
  • When someone matches , introduce the family

Is Iran dating app Safe?

The Hamdam dating app of Iran is safe and easy to use. One can use this app anytime and the reason it is safe because this is constantly monitored by the government. Also, this app is government-recognized which is the best part and makes it safe.

Most popular dating app in Iran

Yes, this is the most popular app in Iran also safe and well recognized.

Free dating sites in Iran?

This is absolutely a free dating app that is developed in Iran and the registration can be done after you install it. From searching your partner to finalizing it, this app will not charge a single penny from you.


Can you date in Iran?

In Iran, dating is not something that is well appreciated because there are family and religious constraints. You can date but you might find the entire process difficult.

How can I meet girls in Iran?

You can use the Hamdam app which is legal and fulfills all the requirements of religion and family. Here you can find the perfect partner for yourself and meet girls.

Is tinder banned in Iran?

Any dating app be it Tinder or anything else is not legal in Iran.

Does Iran have tinder?

No, Iran doesn’t have Tinder because that violates their religious views.

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