Higala app QR code in Cagayan de oro city | Qr Code Download

What is the Higala app QR code scanner?

The Higala app QR code scanner is an app developed by the Cagayan de Oro City of the Philippines. It is designed mainly to keep a track of people’s activities within the city along with making filling up forms a contactless process.

The City Management Information System Office has designed the app. The Higala app establishment is maintained by the city’s tourism and cultural affairs office. The app is basically used for foot traffic monitoring, providing contactless form facilities and also collecting data about individuals to ensure using them in emergencies.

Higala app QR code in Cagayan de oro city

The app gives you access to do several things like;

  • Scanning a particular QR code, 
  • Viewing your profile, 
  • Generating your own QR code from the My QR code tab, and 
  • Checking your History from the Home page.

How to do Higala app QR code registration?

Now, to scan a particular QR code use the Higala app QR code Cagayan de Oro City

  • Login to your profile with your username and password, 
  • Scan QR code has to be pressed before holding it in front of the QR code one needs to scan.
  • Click on the read QR button once the scanning is complete.
  • Write down the answers for your health declaration form and click on the generate ticket option for displaying it at the establishment.
  • Usually, the health declaration form is quite simple and all you need to do is enter your body temperature, your travel history in the past 14 days and also if you have your vehicle or you use local transport to travel.

In the same way, if you wish to generate the QR code you can,

  • Log in to your application with your username and password.
  • Click on Generate My QR code and wait for some time.
  • Once you have a QR code, take a screenshot of it or take a print out and show it in any of the establishments.

How to Higala app QR code download?

How to Higala app QR code download

The app is completely functional on your web browser and hence there is no need to download the app. The app is compatible and smooth running with all the web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

The Higala QR code ID is meant not only for the residents of the Cagayan de Oro City of the Philippines but it is also meant for the tourists visiting the city. The app can be used in every shopping mall, restaurant and other establishment within the city.

The city is trying to promote contactless business and this app is a step towards it. With the help of this app, users will no longer have to fill out forms when entering establishments within the city.

This would limit contact with paper forms, pens and other stuff that come in direct contact with many people in a day.

How to do Higala app portal register and log in?

For Higala app QR code registration, open any of the links given below;

Fill in the required details which include:

  • Your name
  • Mobile number
  • Data privacy content form needs to be checked and ticked
  • Click to confirm you are a human and not a robot.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Choose a password and then click to save the changes

How to get Higala app QR code in cagayan de oro city?

Follow the below instructions to use the Higala app QR code in Cagayan de Oro city:

  • From the confirmation mail, download the QR code installer of the mobile app.
  • Install the scanner and permit it to access the camera.
  • Log in with your email id and password to access the account.

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