How to be scholar in Axie Infinity App? Axie Scholar Tracker [2024]

What is Axie infinity scholarship Philippines?

Axie infinity scholarship is a scholarship in the Philippines that the manager or the guild has to buy which provides the player or the scholar to play the game and earn the SLP. This will help players who are unable to have three team players of axies.

Also, this scholarship in the Philippines helps those players who wish to learn first then invest. The axie infinity scholarship help players in any way and guides them to do the work in the right way.

This helps you in getting 3 axie with which one can start playing. Also, the guilds will help with and guide the ins and the outs of the Axie. This helps players to learn more before they finally start working there.

Lastly one will get many tips to build the SLP and the community support is incredible here. This will help you to be peaceful and also allows you to take more risks.

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How to be scholar in Axie Infinity?

Axie Scholar Tracker app

To be a scholar in axie infinity there are certain steps that you need to follow. All these steps are listed below and they are pretty simple.

Things to keep handy:-

  • Ronin account
  • Google chrome
  • Axie Infinity Account
  • MetaMask

Step 1

Create an Axie Infinity account that is dedicated to the scholars

  1. Create a Ronin account for scholar
  2. Go  to
  3. Tap on the login option
  4. Tap on Ronin login
  5. Tap on the account setting
  6. Tap on Bind your metamask
  7. Here your account is created

Thus with these steps, you become the scholar in axie infinity and your account is successfully created.

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How does AXIE Infinity scholarship work?

After you create your account you should learn how to work on it step by step. The monitoring of your account is a very important and necessary step. Then next you can also convert your scholarship account to the scholar account. Following these simple steps makes the axie infinity scholarship very easy for you.

Axie infinity scholarship program 2022 Details

If you are someone who wishes to work with the axie infinity scholarship then these are the few details that you must know. All these details are updated as per the 2022 rules:-

  • This give and assurance and you will be at peace of mind that is why one should have axie scholarship because single axie is very costly
  • Here one will bet immense community support
  • First, you need to create the profile for your scholarship
  •  Then learn how you can transfer the axie to your scholarship account
  • Then learn how to transfer the scholarship account to scholar
  • Monitor and manage your account very carefully
  • Find scholar very carefully

Axie infinity scholar tracker

Go to chrome and search for axie infinity scholar tracker and a page will open. All you need to do is log in to that page give all the details and then track your scholarship.

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