Instagram Celebrity Raccoon Daily Themed Crossword Clue 2022

Instagram celebrity raccoon who was rescued in the Bahamas Full Story

Recently, In a daily themed crossword clue puzzle game, a Question is asked about Instagram celebrity raccoon. After that, every crossword clue user is looking for its solution.

To know more about this follow this article “Instagram celebrity raccoon crossword clue”.

Instagram Celebrity Raccoon Crossword Clue

instagram celebrity raccoon crossword clue

The name of that celebrity raccoon is Pumpkin and she has millions of followers on Instagram. Now, you must be thinking, how could a raccoon become an Instagram celebrity and have this much fan following.

Let me tell you full story

All these incidents happened in the Bahamas capital of Nassau. This baby raccoon was fell down from the tree into the backyard of a lady named Rosie Kemp.

Lady rescued raccoon, her leg was broken. She waited for her mother to bring the baby raccoon back on the tree. But that doesn’t happen. Then she decided to keep that baby raccoon. She already has two rescued dogs.

Lady started calling baby raccoon with the name of “Pumpkin”. Soon, Baby Pumpkin and two dogs are started liking each other.

Lady started uploading Pumpkin videos on social media, Instagram, etc daily. The public started liking the baby raccoon and pumpkin got viral and became the Instagram celebrity with 1.3 million followers on Instagram and the followers are increasing every day.

Checkout Pumpkin Instagram Profile

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