How to Link, Update & Remove Aadhar in IRCTC App [2023]?

How to link Aadhaar in IRCTC app?

Today where ever one goes aadhaar link is a mandatory thing and when it comes to booking tickets it is the most important. Also, the linking of your Aadhaar with the IRCTC app is very easy. The steps to do that are listed below and one can easily follow these steps and link the Aadhar with the IRCTC app. After linking the Aadhaar working on this app will become all the easier.

  • Open the IRCTC app
  • Go to my account option
  • Tap on the Link Aadhaar option
  • The KYC page will open
  • Enter your name as per your Aadhaar card
  • Provide the Aadhaar number or the  Virtual ID
  • Tap on the checkbox
  • Tap on send OTP
  • Provide the OTP on the Aadhaar registered mobile number
  • Verify it.

How to remove Aadhaar from the IRCTC app?

how to link aadhaar in IRCTC

When one has linked the Aadhaar one does not know what the future holds. So here we are also providing the solution to unlink Aadhar from IRCTC in case there is some need to do so. Again you can link the card or some new card and there is no restriction on it. So to delink Aadhar from IRCTC one should follow just a few steps that are listed below. After the Aadhaar is delinked you just need to follow the previous procedure to again link it or some new card.

  • Open the IRCTC app
  • Go to my account
  • Then select my profile
  • The tap on the option which says release Aadhaar
  • Tap on ok

Upon tapping on ok the process will be fulfilled.

How can I update my Aadhar card in IRCTC?

There may be instances when there has been an update in your Aadhaar card and so as per the new data you want to update the information in IRCTC. So if this is the case then, does one need to delete the Aadhaar details and submit them again. The answer here is no all one needs to do is follow these simple steps and your Aadhaar will be updated.

  • Open the app of IRCTC or visit the website
  • Then go to your account
  • Go to profiles
  • Click on the option where you can see Aadhaar
  • Then tap on edit
  • Do all the necessary changes
  • Tap on update.

IRCTC Aadhar link benefits.

There are several benefits for people whose Aadhaar is linked with the IRCTC app and the benefits are as follows:-

  • No identity check again and again
  • Hassel free ticket booking
  • Book 12 tickets per month instead of 6


Is it necessary to link Aadhar with IRCTC?

No mandatory but one can do to avail all the facilities.

Is it safe to link Aadhar with IRCTC?

Linking the Aadhaar to your IRCTC app is safe and helpful. Having the identity card link provides one with many facilities. One will not require to verify his or her identity again and again and this is a very big plus point of this.

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