How to log into Cash App without Phone Number?

The Cash App is one of the leading payment platforms in the US and the UK and is greatly in use by the people out there. Its various features have helped people to get benefitted. But there are times when you are unable to log in to your Cash App account, this might be because you lost your phone number or you no longer have access to it. So what to do in that case? Well, we will read to find out how you can log in to the Cash App without a phone number. Be ready with your mobile phone/device and follow the steps below to get to know:

  • Open the Cash App or you can also go to official website on your PC
  • Click on the dashed line on the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the Sign-in option
  • Now enter your email address instead of the phone number
  • After you have entered your mail address, check for the automated email received on your mail ID from the Cash App
  • Open the link you have been sent
  • You will be redirected to the cloud-based login page of the Cash App
  • And finally, you will be logged in successfully to your Cash App account.

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How to recover the cash app without a phone number?

If you have lost access to your Cash App account just because you don’t have your phone number with you any longer, then there’s no need to worry. You can still recover your Cash App account via your mail address. Enter the mail address you have added to your Cash App account at the time of creating it. Click on the automated link sent to you by the Cash App team on your registered mail address. In this way, you will get back to your Cash App account.

How to change my phone number on Cash App?

log in to the cash app

If you wish to change your phone number associated with your Cash App account to a new one, you need to follow certain prompts. See the directions below and you will easily be able to add your new phone number to your Cash App account.

  • Login to your account with your credentials
  • Tap on the Profile
  • Select Personal from the tab opened
  • Tap on the Phone Number that is needed to be changed
  • Enter the new Phone Number
  • Confirm the changes

This way you will be able to remove your old phone number and add a new one to your account.

How to log into a Cash App with a new number?

For logging into the Cash App account with a new number, you need to first change your previous number registered on it. This means you have to unlink the previous and enter your new phone number and tap Yes to confirm the changes. In this way, you will be able to access your account the next time you login in with your new number. For knowing about the steps, refer to the previous points in the articles and keep following what’s written.

How to unlink the phone number from the cash app?

Cash App is very easy to use and hence its features are so understandable and straight word. Therefore if you wish to make any changes to your Cash App account, you do not need to worry much. Similarly, if you wish to unlink your phone number from your Cash App account, you just need to follow certain instructions and guidelines only. If everything is followed correctly, you will be able to remove the phone quickly.

  • Login to your account
  • Select Profile
  • Click on the Personal tab
  • Tap on the phone number you want to remove
  • For removing the linked phone number, you need to add a new one
  • Hence, add a new number and confirm the changes

In this way, you will successfully remove the old phone number and add the new one to it.

How to sign in to a cash app with a phone number?

Follow the steps below to sign in to your Cash App account with a phone number.

  • Open the Cash App from your device. If you are using a PC, go to its website ( )
  • Click on the dash lines on the top right corner of the login page
  • Select the Sign-in option
  • Enter the phone registered on your Cash App account
  • Click on Sign-in and you will be successfully be logged into your Cash App account


Can I log in to my Cash App on another phone?

Yes, you can log in to your Cash App account on any other device. You just need to log in to your account with the correct login details, and your account will get logged in to any device you are willing to. Make sure your account is not logged in on any other device previously or if it is you need to sign it out.

Why can't I log in to my Cash App on another device?

There can be many reasons why you can’t log in to another device. The most probable reason can be that your account is already logged in to other devices, and logging into multiple devices at once may be causing this login issue. Other reasons can be, connectivity issues, server failure, signing in with wrong credentials, etc.

Can you make a cash app without a phone number?

No, you generally do not need to phone number to create your Cash App account.

Does the Cash App work without cell service?

You need to have access to cell service data to operate the Cash App. It needs to have an internet connection to keep running its services and performing all the operations that the user gives the input to the Cash App.


After reading this article you might have learned about logging in to your Cash App account with your phone number, changing or removing your previous phone number, and registering a new number to your account.

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