Lumenate Meditation App Reviews [2023] Price/cost | Features

What is Lumenate Meditation app?

Lumenate: The Psychedelic Meditation App is developed by Lumenate Growth Ltd. and comes under the category of Health & Fitness apps. This app can be used by everyone except minors and those who either have a family history or have an existing condition of photosensitive epilepsy or juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. 

With the use of this app, customers can explore their subconscious minds effortlessly. They can also achieve a level of consciousness between a deeply meditative and a  semi-psychedelic state of mind while using this app through their smartphones.

Lumenate Meditation app reviews

Attaining the meditative state would no longer seem an impossible goal. The Lumenate app meditation technique requires users to turn the phone flashlight towards them, close their eyes, and then journey through the kaleidoscope of subconsciously created colors. 

This app is available on the Play Store and also on the App Store. The app is lightweight and needs only 73.8 MB of space. It functions on iOS version 12.0 and above and Android version 6.0 and above. The current version of the Lumenate app is a3.2.4.

Lumenate Psychedelic App Features

The Lumenate app psychedelic state-of-mind effect is created with the help of stroboscopic light sequences from the smartphone’s flashlight.

Scientific research proves that the use of stroboscopic light can take users into an altered state of consciousness via neurological stimulation. Here are some of its splendid features:

Lumenate app reviews
  • The app is impactful, instantly accessible, and completely under your control.
  • The UI is simple and effective.
  • Research approved method ensure that people can meditate easily. Use of stroboscopic light sequences is backed by numerous EEG brain scans and inputs from leading psychedelic researchers from all across the world. 
  • Unique soundtrack further facilitates achievement of trans-state easily.
  • The Lumenate app offers a progress tracker.
  • Users can avail different kinds of sessions as per their needs such as sleep sessions, meditation, open explorations, and a lot more.
  • The app offers guided intention setting that lets users set goals for themselves and then achieve them regularly.
  • Fully integrated exercises provide an immersive experience.
  • A built-in journal lets users create cherishable moments.
  • The content is regularly updated.

How much Lumenate app price/cost?

If you are wondering how much the Lumenate app cost, then you would be glad to know that it can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and the App Store. But there are in-app purchases included for Lumenate Plus Access.

The in-app products are available in the range of $6.99 to 39.99 per item. For those who can’t genuinely afford to pay for the Lumenate app immediately, they can mail at [email protected] to avail free account for a while.

Lumenate Meditation app review?

The Lumenate Meditation app enjoys a rating of 3.9 on the Play Store and 4+ on the App Store and some brilliant Lumenate reviews.

There are 10000+ downloads of the Lumenate app on the Google Play Store. If you look at the Lumenate app reviews, you will find that people have found this app to be really useful.

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