How to Make Money in Lyka App? Encash Lyka gems To Gcash

Lyka app Earn Money: The internet you are using right now opens windows of millions of money-earning opportunities.  Would you trust me if I say you can earn money from posting photos?  Sounds unreal right? This is how I felt when I came across Lyka Gems App. No, I am not getting any commission.  The main aim is to give the right information about the app.

If you are someone who takes interest in such money-earning apps then you should give this article a good read.

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How to make money in Lyka app?

make money in lyka app

Ryan Baird, the CEO of Lyka app, developed this as a digital community platform. Here you can share your interest by uploading photos and videos. This is available for both Android as well as iOS. 

For every photo, you post you get 0.05 gems. Whenever any Lyka application user gives your content an MR, you again win the same amount of gems. 

You can earn 0.02 Gems by MRing others’ photos. Interesting right?

With Lyka app anyone can earn money.

Earning Gems is very easy. When you sign up or when you verify your account they give you a huge bonus. 

1 GEM is equal to 1 PESO.

Note: If you haven’t installed the app, then Download Now.

How can I earn fast in LYKA gems app?

lyka gems app download

Earning gems or you can say money, is very easy on this platform. But if you don’t want to wait, no problem. Follow these tips to earn Lyka app money faster than those who don’t know these tricks. 

Excited? So are we! 

  • Make sure you post good content and regularly. This is because bad content will vanish away in no time. And if you post good content but rarely then again it will be of no use. 
  • No begging for gems or ratings! If any of your posts look like begging for ratings or gems then they will automatically get voted down. It is important to post quality content only.
  • Find and include those people who personally love your vision, content, and community. It is the major reason why Lyka is known for running authentic communities.

How to encash lyka gems?

You have collected enough Lyka gems. Now you’re worried about how to spend them. 

There are many stores that allow Lyka app encashment

Adidas, Guess, Aeropostale, Plains, and Prints are to name a few.

You can purchase furniture and appliances from Benson stores, a car from Ford dealerships, and many more. Just search for your location and explore partner stores nearby. 

All you do is scan the QR code and send or receive Lyka gems.

This platform also has a personal online store- Lyka Mall, earlier known as Lyka shop.

You can order any product from this by sending Gems. But you cannot convert Lyka Gems to cash or vice versa directly as of now.

Lyka app gems to gcash

You can convert the Gems you have earned from Lyka app to Gcash, Paypal, and Bitcoin. 

It is legit and users are gaining profit every day by using this app.

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