How to Unlock Biometric/Aadhar Card in Maadhaar App [2023]?

Maadhaar app online is an app made by the UIDAI for the convenience of people so that they can carry their Aadhaar data both demographic and photographic data on their smartphones or devices. One just needs to add his or her profile. After adding the profile the person can have access to his or her data from anywhere and at any time of the day whenever it is needed.

How to download Maadhaar app on android phones?

maadhaar app download

Now the question is how one can download the maadhaar mobile app for different devices? Well, that’s very easy and one can download the app very easily on both android as well as on the ios. So let’s see how to do it:

Maadhaar app android-

  • Go to your play store
  • Type maadhar  app
  • Tap on install
  • Wait for few seconds and launch the app

Maadhaar app free download for iPhone/iOS

Well now if you have an iPhone/ iOS then you will need to follow these steps to download the app. It is very simple and very easy to download and it takes almost no seconds to download. Thus the step is to download the maadhaar card app are:-

  • Go to your app store
  • Type maadhar app
  • Tap on install
  • Wait for few seconds and launch the app

Or else you can also download the app from the web. For doing so you need to type maadhaar app apk and then download it.

How to use maadhaar app?

To use the maadhaar app all you need to do is install the app then one has to set it. The registration must be done with a mobile number and the OTP  has to be given that will come in the registered mobile number. One device up to 3 devices can be added at any time of the day. Then the biometric lock is set and you can start using it.

What is a biometric lock in the maadhaar app?

A biometric lock is a fingerprint lock that you can use in this app. The fingerprint must match the data already submitted.

How to unlock biometric in the maadhaar app?

For unlocking biometrics in maadhaar  app, one needs to put the finger on the lock screen  and If it matches with the data then the system will be unlocked automatically

How to unlock aadhaar in maadhaar app?

Match the fingerprint with the biometric data and unlock the maadhaar app in just a few seconds.

Maadhaar app features

Some of the features of the Maadhar app are:-

  • One can access the app at any time of the day
  • Easy to use
  • Fast usage
  • Simple installation
  • Great customer service

Is the maadhaar app safe?

The Maadhaar app is safe and you can use it anytime and also from anywhere. Lots of people are using the app and they are just loving it. There is no issue with the app and thus one can use it very easily.

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