How to Nina warn app download kostenlos? Nina Apk funktioniert nicht

What is NINA – The BBK’s warning app?

NINA (Acronym for Notfall- Information and  Nachrichten- App) is the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance Asked (BBK) available app for smartphones that helps people to know about climate change and warns them from beforehand.

This is a German-based app and is available here free of cost. Civil and disaster control developed this app to warn people about any disaster or danger.

How to Nina warn app download?

Nina warn app download kostenlos

Here below are listed the steps that will let one download Nina warn app for both iPhone and Android.

Nina warn app installieren For Android-

  • Go to the play store of your android device
  • Type “Nina Warn app”
  • Then tap on the installation
  • Wait for few seconds and launch the app

Nina Apk For iPhone-

  • Go to the app store of your iPhone device
  • Type “Nina warns app”
  • Then tap on the installation
  • Wait for few seconds and launch the app

Does Nina warn app does not work Solution?

If your Nina warns app does not work then you can go and contact the customer service. The customer service people in their help you out and will provide you with the solution as to how you can make it perfect. In general, this does not take place but still if happens one can any day contact their service providers and they will solve it.

Nina App Features

  • Warning signals from the BIWAPP system.
  • Alerts on flood and another disaster
  • Warning messages from the MoWaS system of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance 
  • Has 353 input points at the federal, state, and disaster control authorities,
  • Official German weather service reporting weather service


Nina app is very good and people are really happy using this app. The reason is that the app is fast and provides warnings and notifications fast through SMS as well as through e-mail. Nina App helps people to be safe and also spread knowledge around people. Thus people are really happy using this app and with its services as well.

Is it free?

Nina app is free and one has to pay not even single money to download the app. Thus anyone can install this app and can use it. Thus the Nina warns app is free of cost and it charges not single money.

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