Nirbhaya App Kerala Police- How to Use Features

We all know and understand the Women’s safety issue. Creating a safe environment for women is our responsibility and there are many initiatives being taken by several NGOs and Government. One of the greatest initiatives has been taken by the Kerala Police for the protection of women, you heard it right.

They have introduced an app called Nirbhayam app be fearless. There was already an app called Nirbhaya app launched by the Uttar Pradesh government after the 2013 Nirbhaya Rape case for the safety of Women in Uttarpradesh.

What is Nirbhayam app ?

Nirbhaya App download

Nirbhayam app is an emergency help for all the women living in Kerala state. The app is designed as an emergency police help for women in a critical or distressing situation. If they feel a threat, the help is only 10 minutes away in any part of the state.

Nirbhaya app is introduced to ensure the safety and protection of women in need. There is no Nirbhaya app number in the app, you just need to send the signal if you are in trouble by pressing and holding the HELP button in the app.

Nirbhayam App Features

This app is a blessing for many women and it will surely lower the fear of family and friends, here is how the Nirbhayam app works :

• Nirbhaya app automatically delivers the address/location of the woman to the nearest or closest police station.

• Once the police station receives a distressing emergency help call, the signal is shared on the mobile phones of the police team or policeman available closest to that location.

• Women also have the option to send media files via the app which means a woman can share pictures, videos, or audio messages as a piece of evidence.

• Nirbhayam app works even without internet connectivity, isn’t it the greatest part?

• Once a distress signal is received, the police will manage to reach the location of the woman in trouble. They will follow the “First-Reach-The-Spot” Policy. This means that a back call will never be made to the woman in trouble until Police have reached the location because the caller may be in trouble and making a call back can lead to a more critical situation.

How to Download Nirbhayam app?

This Nirbhayam app Kerala Police is user-friendly and is compatible with both IOS (Apple users) and Android users. This app is completely free and can be downloaded from the App Store or Play store.

• Search for the Nirbhayam app be fearless in the play store if you are an android user

•If you are an apple user (IOS) then search for the Nirbhayam app in the app store of your phone

•Now click on the Install button

You also have a direct download option in the below link: NIRBHAYAM APP DOWNLOAD >>


How to Register Nirbhaya App?

• It will ask you to Login or Create an account, click on create an account, after that, it will ask you the following information :

Name and Surname, Email address, Phone number, Age, create a password and confirm the password

•Click on Create account, it will send an OTP to verify the phone number.

•After that sign in with your email address and password you just created.

How to use the Nirbhaya app?

Here are the complete Nirbhaya app details :

•Once you sign in, You will be on the Home page of the app, you will see an option in pink color ” PRESS & HOLD HELP! “ If you press and hold this option for 5 seconds, your signal will be transmitted to the nearest Kerala police station.

• You can also write a message for help by clicking on: the ” Enter Message section

•At the bottom left side, you have the option to send the photo or video

•At the bottom right side, you can hold the icon and record audio

There are three other tabs :

1. Contacts to add the contact information of your family and friends

2. Profile to add address City and Gender

3. Settings to change your password

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