How to Pay for Discord nitro without a credit card?

As we have witnessed in recent years, Discord has successfully grabbed a huge user base and gained fame lately. With the number of gamers increasing daily, the platform has become a great place for communicating while gaming as a team. Apart from that, the discord servers have come in handy for individuals, friends, or organizations. Be it listening to music, binge-watching, or having an important discussion. Discord caters to all your requirements. 

To engage its customer base further, Discord has developed a Discord nitro subscription, through which one can pay for the subscription and enjoy numerous benefits. We would like to add features like server boosts, animated avatars, custom discord number tags, and much more. 

Yet, do you have to hold on to your piggy banks to get Discord nitro? If so, that’s not going to happen anymore. Or is it that the credit card option ver discord subscription bothering you for a while? There are numerous methods that allow you to get a discord nitro subscription without a credit card, and if you have been looking for such methods for a while, you just got landed at the right place. 

Just relax and look at all possible ways of getting Discord nitro without a credit card, some even for free. Are you ready? Let’s get started then. 

How to Pay for Discord nitro without a credit card?

pay for Discord nitro

Discord allows three modes of payment. One is through credit cards, and the other two are through debit cards or PayPal. However, although you use PayPal, Discord will still ask for your credit or debit card details. Hence, having a debit card in hand is mandatory if you cannot get a credit card. Else, if you are here for the methods to get discord nitro for free, you can keep scrolling through this article. 

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How to claim discord nitro without a credit card?

Xbox Games Pass Discord Nitro for free.

Before you let you know how you can get Nitro for free from Xbox games, let’s introduce you to what Xbox game exactly. Basically, the Xbox game is one of the most popular platforms that provide more than 100s games on subscription. 

Apart from the games, there is one more thing that Xbox game pass offers for free. Yes, you have guessed right! The discord nitro. However, for that, you need to have a game pass first. If you already have an Xbox Game Pass, there’s no need to spend an extra penny on Discord nitro. Here are the steps to get Nitro: 

  1. Go to your Game Pass menu.
  2. Go to the Perks tab once you’re in the Game Pass Menu.
  3. The Discord Nitro Promotion can be found on the Perks page.
  4. You will be able to claim the promotion after you have opened it.
  5. When you click the claim button, a QR code will be created for you to scan.

Log in to your discord account, and scan the QR code that has appeared on your screen. 

You can also get it done from your windows or mobile application. Please note that if you accidentally scan the QR code with another account that is not yours, there is no way to get another Nitro from the same Xbox game pass. Hence, we would recommend you cross-check before scanning. 

Discord Nitro for free from Steelseries

You might have heard this about part-time. In fact, several discord users are unaware of the partnership between the steel series and Discord. The partnership enables SteelSeries to provide free discord nitro to its users. It’s super easy to claim and use discord nitro. Here’s how you can get the job done:

  1. Open Discord and navigate to the Nitro Page through your steel Series site
  2. Log in to your account after downloading and installing Steel Series GG.
  3. Click the Moments option.
  4. You will receive a code. 
  5. After getting the discord nitro code, you have to enter it and smoothly use your Nitro.

Discord Nitro Giveaways

You might have come across several servers that are actually based on giveaways. Several sites offer discord servers as a giveaway, and most of them even present discord nitro for free. However, make sure you have a quick background check before signing up for any random server from giveaways. You might encounter a few scams as well. In order to make it easier for you, we have listed out a few renowned servers that provide Nitro for free in giveaways. 

  • Custom’s Magical World
  • Open Advertisements & Nitro Giveaways
  • Sound’s Spooky World
  • Dank’s Dungeon
  • Jet’s Dream World
  • ViBeZ’s Haunted Community
  • Planet Roonie

Although you will find many legit servers, before winning in giveaways, you must ensure that you abide by the regulations. Following the rules gives you a good chance of entering and winning the giveaways.

Discord Partner Program

Before we bring it on, there’s one thing one must know. Getting into a partnership program isn’t a piece of cake. But, if you are up for giving it a try, it’s worth it. Discord offers its partnership program to the few best communities. Along with the partnership program, you can avail free discord nitro. 

  1. Login to your discord account. 
  2. Go to the server you think will work best. 
  3. Navigate to Server Setting
  4. Next, you have to enable the community option. 
  5. Once you enable it, there will be a few steps that you need to complete. 

Make sure you follow the instructions for each step properly. After completion of the steps, you can wait for Discord to offer free Nitro to your community. 

How to get epic games discord nitro without a credit card?

The methods mentioned just before work fine, but if you want to specifically know about discord nitro through epic games, we have that for you as well. Through the epic games, you can easily get a discord nitro subscription. 

The prerequisite to getting discord nitro from Epic Game is having an epic game launcher. Here are the free steps to get Discord Nitro without a credit card. 

  1. Open your Epic Game launcher.
  2. Find an option stated as Store and click on it. 
  3. Once you get to the Store, you can look for a Discord Nitro promotion option. Besides the option, you will find a Button with “GET” written on it. Click on it. 
  4. After selecting the get option, you will receive a mail on the email address provided. Getting inside the mail, look for a link. The link is for redeeming discord nitro. 
  5. Next, you need to click on the link and select the redeem option. 
  6. Epic Games will direct you to a new tab in the browser through the link. There you will have to log into your discord account. 
  7. Here comes the tricky part. You will have payment mode on your screen. 
  8. Click on the Add New Payment mode option and then select the Next option to continue. 
  9. Choose the Credit card option as your preferred payment option. 
  10. Next, you have to open another tab and search for NamsoGen. 
  11. NamsoGen is a fake credit card generator website. Enter a number such as 549184 and select the generate fake credit card option.
  12. The website will take a while to get you the required details of the credit card holder’s Name, card number, expiration date, etc. 
  13.  Get back to the first tab and enter these credit card details. For the Name of card holder section, you can insert any name you prefer. 
  14. Choose the next option. Further, you will have to fill in your address. The address doesn’t have to be accurate. So enter fake information for this as well and tap on Next. 
  15. Finally, you will have two options: monthly and yearly subscriptions. Check the monthly option. 

That’s all! Niro, you will get an error message on your screen claiming that you have already redeemed your Discord. Close these tabs and navigate to the Discord login page. When you log into your account, you will notice a start next to your profile. Congratulations, you have received your free Nitro membership.

When your membership expires, Discord will automatically renew it, but because you are using a fraudulent card, you will be blacklisted once the credit card lapsed. So, what are your options? Simply cancel your membership when it is ready to expire, and do not wait for Discord to validate your credit card information.

How to get free Nitro without a credit card?

Before trying out different methods of getting discord nitro for free, won’t it be good to try out the free nitro version first, too, without a credit card? Here are the steps for redeeming the free trial version of discord nitro. 

  1. If you haven’t installed the Xbox application yet, make sure you install and run it. 
  2. Next, sign into your Xbox account by entering the required credentials. If you are new to Xbox, you can register with Outlook. Complete the registration process before proceeding further.
  3. Go to the game pass panel and get a pass. 
  4. Once you have the pass in hand, you can easily join the game pass. 
  5. There you can buy the game pass by paying just a dollar and avail of free Nitro. 

After the trial version of discord nitro, you will be charged 9.99 dollars monthly or 99.99 dollars yearly. Hence, you have to cancel the subscription for auto deduction of payment. If you do not cancel, the process will be repeated every month. Make sure you cancel the subscription plan before 24 hours of the expiration date of the free trial. 

Wrapping it Up:

By now, we are pretty sure you have got all possible ways through which you can redeem discord nitro without credit cards that are too free of cost. The process mentioned in this article has no chance of getting you into scams apart from the giveaway method. If you are proceeding through any other method apart from the one mentioned here, make sure you stay away from scams. 

Often you will receive a text popping up suggesting free discord nitro account. You should ignore any such kinds of messages with links and start way report them. The scammers might still want your discord account as well as sensitive information. It’s extremely important to be aware of such a situation. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to redeem the discord nitro code without a credit card?

There are several ways to redeem discord nitro for free. You can get it from giveaways, partnerships, Xbox, or epic game stores. We have covered each method in detail through this article. Make sure you have a look at them and give them a try.

Can you use a debit card for discord nitro?

You heard us; you can make payment on Discord through your debit cards. In order to do so, you will have to link a valid debit card to a discord account. Here’s how you can do so: 

  1. Go to the User Setting 
  2. There you will find a billing option. Click on it. 
  3. The “Add Payment Method” option will appear on your screen. Select that option. 

Once you select the option, you can add your preferred mode of payment, which is a debit card.

Can you buy discord nitro with PayPal & without a credit card?

Yes, you can. However, you need to have a debit card, if not a credit card.

Is discord nitro safe to buy?

Purchasing discord nitro through legit methods is safe, and there’s nothing you have to worry about. In fact, discord nitro is a must-try for those who are server owners or community leaders. The paid service offered by Discord comes with tons of benefits. However, if you are going for free discord nitro, you must be aware of the scams that are out there. With proper knowledge of scams, you can enjoy the nitro benefits securely.

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