How to Invest in Perch Credit App Download for Android, iOS?

What is a Perch Credit App?

Many people don’t know the current credit score or how to improve the existing one. The main way is to build credit through credit card and loan payments but it can be frustrating. 

Relax! Other than these methods we have got some cool tricks to provide an assessment of creditworthiness. This is where Perch Credit App comes from.

Paying rent or subscribing to a plan is very common. Almost all of us do it once or other times. 

What if I say you can turn these payments into creditworthy points? Would you believe it?

You have to because this is what Perch credit is offering.

Let’s know more!

What is Perch Credit App?

Perch Credit App android

Perch credit is also popular as Perch is a fintech mobile app that currently lives on IOS platforms. It is highly expected to live on Android in the coming time.

It allows you to take recurring expenses like subscriptions or rent and convert them into creditworthy data points.

As of now the total funding amount of Perch credit is 2.6 million dollars. There are 7 investors who are actively participating to grow this system.

This is a Los Angeles-based credit building system that was founded in 2019. The CEO of Perch Credit is Michael Broughton and CTO is Ayush Jain. Both of them are the founder of the company. 

How to download Perch Credit App for android?

Perch Credit download android

Recently it has been in use because Jay Z invested in this app to help underserved communities increase their credit scores. 

Most people have asked how to download Perch Credit Android.

This app is available for iOS version and they are planning to move to Android platforms also. But there is no way to download Perch Credit Android now.

If you want to install this App for your iPhone, click on the below download button.

How to invest in the Perch Credit App?

earn Credit score app

You can invest and earn credit scores using non-traditional data like paying rents, subscribing to Netflix, transferring money to someone, and more.

Anyone can install it but you need to through signup verification identity at first. This is in compliance with US regulations. It demands your current photo ID and some other documents. 

The more you use this app, the more credit scores you earn.

Perch Credit App Reviews

It was built in 2019 and it has grown pretty well till then. The best part is it does not ask for any amount to use or install.

So when it comes to growing financial health, this is a Win-Win opportunity.

The privacy policy is very good and takes care of your financial security. Still, if you feel like getting any help, you can reach them at [email protected].

All you do is pay your bills and rest assured!


Is Linking bank account to the app secured?

They use Plaids API in their services so you can link your bank account without any worry. Plaids API is the same service you get in apps like Venmo and Acorns.

How much is perch credit stock price?

Citigroup, VilCap Investments, Marcy Venture Partners, and others have invested in this company. The credit funding size has grown up to 2.50 million dollars recently.

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