How to Earn Money from Planoly App (Complete Guide)?

When you are reading this, you have already heard about hundreds of money-earning apps by now. Some offer quick payment while others are late, some offer you to loot them while others loot you. It depends on the app you are choosing. Here we are going to talk about a free earning app which is quite famous these days.

Its concept is simple- refer and earn. It claims to give you thousands of rupees directly into your bank account. It works on planoly which you can use on Android, PC, iPhone, iPad. It schedules plans for Instagram or other social media sites. 

To know if it’s a legit way to earn money or not, read it till the end. This short tutorial will help you. 

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What are planoly app details?

Planoly earning App download (1)

Planoly app is an earning app. You can refer and earn or you can earn by order graphing too. There is no rocket science in it. The major plus is you don’t need to be a pro. Heard about the OMG burse app? It’s from the same crowd! 

This is the best platform to earn daily cash. You just have to complete small tasks that hardly take a few minutes. But to start you have to purchase a membership. 

Remember you have to maintain your account balance to be eligible to earn daily rewards.

This earning is taxable. the 18% amount will be withdrawn as tax. You can earn as much as a hundred rupees per referral. 

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Download and follow the instruction to Earn money from Planoly application.

  • Visit the link here. Register your account using your mobile number. 
  • Download the app, install and open it.
  • Login to your account.
  • Tap on the Member tab on the homepage.
  • Click on Join Now. This comes under rupees 10 senior section. 

NOTE: For the 850 rupees membership plan, you will receive rupees 69 per day. If you go for expensive membership plans, your monthly income will be higher. 

Enter rupees 10, your name, and your phone number to continue.

You can pay through any method. 

You will receive Rs. 10 in your planoly app.

Return Member page and select Grab.

Click on Draw (anyone).

Click on the Instagram link.

Like and follow the page you land on and screenshot it. 

Back once. Click on the image icon. Upload the screenshot you just took and submit.

Within a few seconds, you will receive rupees 20 in your wallet.

Planoly earning app review

This is a 100 percent legit way to earn a little cash daily. There are many payment proofs that prove that users are getting real money. To earn money by referring, only sharing a link with friends isn’t enough. If your friends buy a membership plan worth Rs 850 or more then only you earn. 

It’s important to note that you should have purchased a plan in order to complete tasks. 

How to earn money from planoly app?

Earn From Planoly App

As soon as you register and log in, you will get Rs. 19 in your account. The best trick is to use multiple phone numbers to earn more cash. Don’t worry! It doesn’t ask for OTP. 

The next way to earn is to refer to your friends. Click on Rewards > Invite. Make sure they purchase a plan. 

Apart from this, you can complete the tasks. All you do is a few clicks. How to do this is mentioned above. 

Planoly app alternative

Here are some planoly similar apps…Hootsuite, Tailwind, Sprout Social, Zoho social, and many more.

Recently, some issues occurred where users couldn’t upload their images or auto-posting was not working. However, Planoly company announced via Twitter that the team is working to resolve issues. Recheck. It has improved. 

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