How to Pokemon Go spoofer free for Android, iOS [2024]

Pokémon go spoofer apk 2022 can be downloaded for free in Android as well as iOS platforms. The spoofer apk would allow you to jump locations when in need. 

Now need is created if you’re from a small town and you need to catch more ad more Pokémon. 

If you need to jump places then also you will need a spoofer app.

A spoofer app can also help an inmate roam around without being located within the city.

How to Pokemon go spoofer apk free download

Pokemon go spoofer apk

Pokemon go spoofer for Android

To spoof Pokémon go you will not only need a fake GPS locator but you will also need an IP address spoofer.

Use a simple GPS location app, which needs a rooted Android device and the spoofing app needs to be incorporated into the Android system. Pokémon go spoofer app cannot be downloaded with no verification technique and requires verification for sure.

To spoof locations, follow the below steps for Pokémon go spoofer download.

  •  Follow the below given route;

Settings>Developer options>mock location app>fake GPS route.

  • Now for to Settings>Location and put your GPS to the high accuracy mode.
  • Now launch the fake GPS app and type the location where you want to teleport.
  • If you have an unrooted Android device, you need to go to app settings>and begin the non-root mode & joystick.
  • Now tap on the Play button and then begin the fake GPS after you have chosen the desired place.
  • You can catch more Pokémon using this method.

To further change your IP address location, you can download IP vanish apk. Follow the below steps to use the IP vanish apk.

  • Go to IP Varnish’s website and sign up for any of their plan.
  • From Google Playstore download the IP Vanish apk.
  • Begin using the VPN.
  • Close Pokémon Go and then open it again to be in a new destination. 

2. Pokémon go spoofer apk iOS

For Pokémon go spoofing iOS download, follow the below instructions.

  • Download Cydia impactor on your Windows PC or MAC device.
  • Now launch the hacked version of Pokémon Go++ profile.
  • Connect the iPhone/iPad to a computer and then drag the Pokémon Go++ file to the Cydia impactor using the Pokémon Go++ hacked file.
  • Sign in to the Apple device with your Apple ID.
  • After installing the IPA file, you can disconnect the device from the computer.
  • Go to Settings>General>Profile on your iPhone and click on Pokémon Go to trust it.
  • Launch the newly installed app.

What is the best spoofing app for Pokemon go?

The best spoofing app for Pokémon go in an Android device is Joystick GPS and Teleport.

On the other hand, for Pokemon go spoofing iOS 2022 it is obviously the Cydia impactor for an emulator and a hacked Pokémon Go++ app that works best on jailbroken and rooted apps.

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