Power Bank Earning App Real or Fake | Check Reviews, Owner Name

It is an online earning app or one can say an online earning website which is named as Power bank earning App. According to this app, you can earn money up to lacks and cores also.

Here you will get daily tasks and once you complete those you will get your money credited. In this article, we shall discuss all the app details and learn a few other aspects as well.

How to power bank app download?

Power Bank Earning App Download android

For Android

For downloading the power bank app on your android phone all you need to do is go to android’s play store and write the power bank app. They will show the option and you will just need to simply install it.

Power bank earning app real or fake

Power bank app is real but in past also we have seen these types of apps. What our experience says is that these apps provide you with your money once they are in the market and develop a keen interest of its customers to invest more. But all of a sudden they disappear. Thus to answer the above question reply can be both yes or no, rather invest wisely.

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Who is the founder of the power bank?

The co-owner of the brand Justdial Ramani Iyer is the founder of this power bank app and “Spykke” is his latest venture. As per records, the ad claims it has been seen that in the past 6 months this Spykke has heights of power bank rental service and is located around 8,000places spreading over almost 11 cities.

Is the power bank app safe?

We would say that the power bank earning app is not at all safe for users and we see several reasons for it as well. But in its early stage just like few other apps that we have witnessed in past, this may also give you money so one can take advantage of this period. The reasons why this can be a trap is:

  • There is no complete information about what to do
  • No owner or founder name to be found on the page website
  • The app does not work properly
  • Has no social media handles and that’s weird in this century
  • No person to contact


There has been a flow of mixed reviews for this app. People are there who have earned daily 500 rupees and there are people who have earned a profit of 1500 rupees as well and again few who have earned nothing yet. The reviews here stand mixed but it also holds 4.2/5 stars. Few issues like communication; server issues etc are there which must be solved.


Features of this app are like you can easily pay bills of any sort and also earn money. You can earn daily money at a regular rate and also by paying using this app you can earn lots of money.

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